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  • The Persimmon Images studio is closed.

    As of December, 2015, we are no longer accepting new clients for weddings or portraits except on a limited by-referral basis or for repeat clients. If you are a current client and have any questions or requests for us, please email us at love [at] persimmonimages [dot] com or call/text Kat at 206.354.2212.

    Thank you for your years of business, support, laughter, and love!

    - Kat & Justin

Persimmon Images Policies + FAQ

Wedding FAQ & Policies

How many weddings do you photograph each year?
We photograph no more than 15 weddings per year and one wedding per weekend to make sure that each couple can receive the care and attention they deserve. We’re just as careful as you are about making sure that the couples we work with are a good fit for us. We’ll be spending a lot of time together, after all!

Are your prices flexible?
We understand that photography is a big wedding expense. We will work with you to create a personalized wedding photography collection that works best for your needs and budget. When it comes to our photography and albums, our prices are firm. However, we don’t want you to over extend yourself, so we’ve created personal payment plans (including payment by credit card) and a photography registry that your guests can use to help subsidize your coverage, albums, and more.

Can we upgrade our coverage later?
You can always add to your wedding coverage at any time. Reserving albums or wall collections when booking your photography will entitle you to special discounts. Be sure to ask!

Do you travel outside the local area for destination weddings? What do you charge?
We love to travel! In fact, destination weddings are some of our favorites. For weddings more than 60 miles outside Seattle, we apply a federal rate of 50 cents per driven mile. For farther-flung destinations, we ask only for reimbursement of coach-class airfare and two nights of lodging. Let’s see what works for you!

How many hours are included in a full day of wedding coverage?
Our standard full-day coverage begins when the bride gets ready and ends two hours after dinner. But we’ll stay as long as you need us! Outside of the standard coverage hours, we charge an additional $250/hour.

What type of equipment do you use?
We shoot with Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, and 7D cameras for digital. Our film cameras are Hasselblad C/M 500, Leica M5, and Zeiss Superikonta II. We travel with backup equipmement and a variety of lenses and strobes. Kat shoots with Canon primes and Justin with Canon zoom lenses, mostly L glass. Our flashgun system is largely comprised of new Canon 600RT speedlites. We also use a full set of portable Bowens studio lights for photos taken at the reception or with our photo booth depending on what is needed. If you want to talk gear, just let us know. We LOVE handpicking the latest and greatest camera accessories. Justin is a total gearhead and can talk for hours about photography equipment!

Do you have insurance?
Heck yes! This protects you, your guests, your venue, and us. We have comprehensive personal liability, equipment coverage, and business insurance.

Are you a member of any photography associations?
We are members of the Professional Photographers Association (PPA) and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

How do we reserve our wedding date?
You or your fiance must review your collection details, sign our photography contract (all online, whoo technology!), and put down a 30% retainer by check to hold your wedding date.

Will you be able to check out our ceremony site and reception venue before the wedding?
We always do our best to check out your venue and any portrait locations before your wedding to find the best spots to take pictures, test the lighting, and figure out any problems that we may need to avoid. You two are responsible for finding the places you’d most like to be photographed and making sure to tell us about any special restrictions of which we need to be aware.

Will both you and Justin be there on our wedding day?
Justin and I always shoot together for the entire day unless he has a prior commitment to the University of Washington hospital, where he works in oncology. If, for some reason, he is unavailable I will hand-select one of my peers with a similar photographic style to be my second shooter for the day!

Do my fiance and I need to see each other before the ceremony?
It’s up to you, BUT we highly recommend savoring every moment and taking the day as slowly as possible. This is most easily accomplished by spending time together before the ceremony, and taking a minute or two to let it all soak in. You’ll feel less stressed, and the day will naturally flow better. Plus, we get to take beautiful, emotional photos of the moment you see each other for the first time… and it’s almost always better (less overwhelming) in the calm of a private first look than at the head of the aisle!

How much time do we need for portraits together, family formals, and other group pictures?
We recommend setting aside at least 90 minutes total before and/or after your wedding ceremony for photos we won’t be able to get during the ceremony or reception. This includes group portraits, family formals, wedding party portraits, and private photographs for the two of you. We’ll work with you or your wedding planner to make a time-line that works for all of us.  Make sure to leave enough time in case you’re running behind and keep everyone on-task, otherwise we might not be able to get all the shots you want. (For this reason, we really recommend working with a planner/coordinator on the day of your wedding. It’s such a big stress-reliever for everyone!)

Can you shoot our engagement portraits?
Yes, all of our coverage includes what we call a “practice session,” which is a portrait session for the two of you. It’s the best way for us to get to know each other so we can give you the best photos possible and so you can feel even more comfortable with personal paparazzi on your wedding day!

What do we receive with our Practice Session?
Your Practice Session is a 1 to 2 hour shoot will result in some beautiful images for the two of you to print, put on your wall, or keep in an engagement album. We’ll have you over to our studio to share them on the big screen, and you can decide if you’d like to order individual prints or files for Save the Date Cards, a keepsake or guest book album, fine art canvases, or an Image Collection on Disc.

How many photos will we end up with?
This varies from wedding to wedding but usually is between 50 and 100 images per hour, typically 700-900 photos per wedding. For practice sessions and other portrait sessions, you can expect around 60 photographs.

Do you edit all of our images?
We edit all of your photographs for proper exposure and color calibration, then run through our special artistic editing process. Any images chosen for prints, albums, canvases, and cards will be lightly retouched and given extra attention.

What if we like an image better in black and white versus color, or vice versa?
We select images for black and white or color treatments based on our artistic preferences. Typically, about 30% of all images are black and white.  We’re happy to make a limited number of changes for you if you’d like to request special treatments on a small number of images after our artistic edit. Just let us know which images you’d like to see differently!

Can you do selective editing or retouching to take out blemishes or other items from photographs?
Yes, we can and do retouch photographs, particularly if they are ordered for a wall print or album. If you require special editing or have specific requests for us, let us know and we can take care of them. Outside of our normal light retouching for gift prints, albums, and canvases, we charge a $100/hr retouching fee, with a one-hour minimum.

What happens after the wedding? How soon will we see our photographs?
After the wedding, we’ll spend some time editing and finessing your photographs. First, we’ll post a blog post with some highlights as a teaser, usually within the first few weeks after your wedding. Around that time, typically 4 to 6 weeks after your wedding, we’ll schedule an appointment for your Photo Debut at our studio. You and your loved ones will join us for a toast and the big reveal of your wedding photographs, after which your wedding gallery will be released to you and your guests! At this time, you’ll also be able to finalize your order for your album, parent albums, gift prints, and more. We’ll make sure you’re all taken care of.

How long will we have access to our online proofing gallery after it’s been posted?
Your wedding proofing gallery will remain online for 60 days after it has been posted, and your practice session portrait gallery will remain online for 30 days. Make sure you let your guests know to place their orders within this time! If you need longer, please ask us and we’ll extend your gallery for you.

Will we receive high-resolution images on disc?
Yes, you’ll receive a Wedding Image Collection on Disc, which includes high-resolution images for print and web-resolution images for websites. An disc of images from your engagement/portrait session is additional. The disc will include all of the images we have selected from your session or event, edited and presented in our signature style. Typically, we present you with your Wedding Image Collection after the production of your album so that all of the specially-retouched images from your album are included. We request that you do not share your print-quality images online, or make copies of your image discs for anyone. You may, however, make as many prints are you like, and send those to your friends and family.

How big can we print the photographs from our image collection on disc?
Your digital images will print up to 8×12 inches at 300dpi. They can generally be enlarged a bit without losing quality, but we don’t recommend going above 11×17 for photographic prints. If you are ordering your own canvases or other wall art, please consult with that company on what resolution of image is needed. Usually, images printed on canvas don’t need to be as high-quality due to the nature of the print. If you require a larger image file for fine art prints, please let us know and we’ll send it to you.

What happens if we lose our disc or it’s damaged somehow?
Not to worry. We back up and archive all files for two years after the date of the event. If you’re in need of a replacement disc or individual image file, please let us know. We strongly recommend backing up your own image files in multiple locations (hard drives!) and not just keeping them on the disc. Discs can degrade pretty quickly and we want your wedding photographs to last you a lifetime! Note: this is another reason we really love albums. They won’t fail future generations!

Can we share our photographs online?
If you want to post your web-quality wedding or portrait images on Facebook, a wedding website, or image-sharing site, we would love that! Just make sure to give us a shout-out or link. You may not screen-shot or download images from our site to share without our permission. It is against copyright law to scan prints, make copies of prints, or otherwise alter the images we provide you in any way. These images remain under copyright indefinitely.

Do you offer albums and other ways of displaying our photographic art?
Oh heck yes! We’ve partnered with the amazing Cypress Albums in California to bring you delicious, handmade, heirloom quality albums in both modern and vintage styles. We also researched the top-of-the-line canvas makers and designed wall collections from their best sizes with your rooms in mind. Recently, we found some amazing eco-chic bamboo wall panels we’ll know you’ll love. And for the more budget-conscious, we also offer a full line of coffee-table albums, mini-folios, and other keepsakes.

What’s the process for designing and ordering our album?
First, we’ll collaborate with you to create an album design that you really love. We choose our favorite photographs and make a simple, timeless, and creative layout to showcase your story. Then, you have the chance to make two rounds of revisions to add images you love or take out those you don’t. How long this takes depends on the number of changes that need to be made, but is typically two weeks or less.

All of our heirloom albums are handmade by Cypress albums in California and are delivered to us six to eight weeks after our initial order is placed. You’ll also receive your image collection on disc after you place your album order, as we want to make sure any special image edits that were made for your album are also on your disc. You’ll pick up your album at our studio after we’ve proofed it to make sure everything looks perfect. If you can’t come by, we’ll ship it to you. The sooner you order your album, the sooner you’ll have it in your hands. Make sure to order it within one year– after that, we charge $250/hour for our time to do your design.

If guest use our Photo Registry for gift certificates how long do we have to use them? What about image credits or referral bonuses?
All credits and referral bonuses expire one year from the date of issue. Gift certificates, however, never expire. You can use them any time!

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