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Lake Washington Wedding Rehearsal Dinner | Catherine + Micah

On a steamy day in August, Catherine and Micah finished the preparations for their wedding. A fellow Wedding Bee blogger (Mrs. Joey), Catherine had spent months crafting DIY projects for their gorgeous grey-and-yellow-themed celebration and sharing the details with the world. Now that everything was ready, it was time to relax and party with family!

Catherine & Micah held their rehearsal dinner at a beautiful private home on a quiet inlet of Lake Washington. Sipping drinks and making toasts, the guests lounged poolside until dinner, provided by Lake Street Catering, was served. As the sun set and the air cooled, everyone was bathed in the gorgeous pink light you only see in late summer on the lakeshore. Of course, a summer evening wouldn’t be complete without ice cream… and nothing but the best: the locally renowned Molly Moon’s in three flavors (including salted caramel!). The kids (and, um, adults) loved it!

The pleasant buzz of conversation floated around us like a warm breeze, until night fell and the bride and groom retired for their beauty sleep. Details from their lovely wedding will be coming soon!

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House Mountain Inn Wedding in Lexington, Virginia | Tom + Amy

This July, I had the pleasure of being a pre-wedding photographer for the sweetest couple. We met Amy & Tom several years ago while backpacking in Glacier National Park. By chance, we learned that they were also from Seattle, and we’ve been friends ever since. Last year, they both stood in our wedding party and this year, we were happy to support them in turn by reading during the ceremony. They were married on July 4, at the House Mountain Inn in their hometown of Lexington, Virginia.

While the girls spent the hours leisurely having their hair styled and makeup done, the guys went swimming in a nearby river and got ready at the last minute. Oh, the luxury of being a man! Tom and his groomsmen wore kilts to honor his Scottish heritage, each colored with the tartan (pattern) of his family’s clan. Amy dressed in a traditional gown and was a little self-conscious about being made up. She and Tom are both avid hikers and climbers, and if you know anything about Seattlites, you know the kind of laid-back person I’m describing.

But once the dress was on and Amy saw herself as a bride, she started tearing up, then crying outright. This was her moment. It was real. It was wonderful. Her mom cried; she cried. When her dad came to see her, there were more tears. Her bridesmaids kept tissues held under Amy’s eyes to save her makeup. (You can see this, and her younger sister grinning in the background in one of the lower photos.) So many emotions were flying around the suite… Between the laughter and the tears, all of us felt a little giddy.

Tom & Amy held a lovely ceremony in the summer sun and a reception in the Inn’s Great Room. After the morning as a photographer, I passed the torch to their other pros and retired to enjoy the night as a wedding guest. And what a night it was… an Independence Day to remember!

Congratulations, Tom & Amy. I’m glad to have met you, and even happier to have shared in your wedding vows. May your love shine as true as your spirits!











[Editorial Note: I love the above photo because he’s holding her bouquet and she’s holding a beer…]


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A New York City Wedding | Kelly + Jason

Kelly and Jason were married on a Sunday at the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic church near Central Park. It was hot, for May, but if you ask me, any day is a good day to get married. The church was very lovely, and from a photographic standpoint, very dark inside. Because I wasn’t Kelly and Jason’s official photographer, I certainly didn’t want to be an “Uncle Bob” (that friend/relative with all the photo gear that always gets in the way), so I sat in the back of the church like a good little girl and tried to think of creative things to do in very low light with no flash and no tripod. Whee!


After a lovely ceremony – the first Catholic wedding mass I’ve attended – all of us guests were treated to a personalized tour of New York City on one of those sweet double-decker buses. In addition to taking us all around the city, we visited places that were special to Kelly and Jason… his first apartment, her first apartment, where they now live, their favorite frozen yogurt place, etc. But our journey was fraught with danger and peril: This personalized route took us up and down streets not designed for a high-clearance bus and on several occasions we found ourselves ducking in our seats to avoid tree branches. I even got smacked across the face while trying to line up a shot!

While we made our way by bus, Kelly and Jason took a real, old-skool New York taxicab.


The reception was held at the prestigious Yale Club. After a cocktail hour in the library, we enjoyed dinner and dancing on the top floor, with great views of Grand Central and the New York skyline. What a perfect introduction to a fabulous city!

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NYC Rehearsal Dinner | Kelly & Jason

Over Memorial Day weekend this spring, Justin and I were privileged to attend Jason and Kelly’s wedding in New York City. Not only was Justin exceedingly happy to see his long-time friend and college roommate wedded, we were both also thrilled to visit the Big Apple for the first time. (I know, so sad! Can you believe it?)

Our long weekend in NYC started with us frantically running from the airport straight to the church for the rehearsal… Justin had the important job of being a cross-country Best Man. Although I was only a “plus one” guest, I gladly accepted when Kelly asked me to document their rehearsal dinner at Braai South African restaurant near Times Square.

South African cuisine has a special flavor for Kelly and Jason, as they met while living north of Cape Town during a two-year mission trip from their Jesuit university. A world away, they say, their hearts found a home. They traveled from Seattle to Africa and back again, and finally settled in New York City.

At Braai, we feasted on African BBQ and house-made infusions, while the bride and groom’s families presented them with a beautiful handmade scrapbook that followed their story from childhood to present day.

Kelly looked absolutely radiant, and Jason so proud…

And Justin was so glad to stand up for Jason on his wedding day, just as Jason stood up for him on ours…

Enjoy the photos!

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