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Allison + Ryan | A Behind-the-Scenes Teaser

My good friend and photojournalist, Susanica Tam, sent me the following picture of yours truly photographing a lovely couple in the forest. The bride and groom are my peeps Allison and Ryan. Allison, who is a fellow Wedding Bee blogger, alias “Bear Cub,” invited Justin and I down to their Oregon Coast nuptials. It was a weekend wedding bonanza at the secluded Camp Westwind that included a bonfire, hiking, cabin camping, a cliffside ceremony and even MORE cliffside handfasting. Uhmm, can we say HECK YEAH?!

So, anyway, Susanica, her pal Jonathan Moore, Justin, and I photographed the hell out of this wedding. And, pardon my French, but it was that awesome.We left that wedding a lot richer in friendship and camaraderie. Allison and Ryan were so creative, authentic and hilarious. Their friends were just great. And we hit it off instantly with Jonathan and Susanica, with whom we shared a cabin. We ended the weekend with all four of us, newly acquainted but feeling like old friends, driving up Coastal Highway 101 from Lincoln City to Seattle, stopping along the way to eat seafood, sample Tillamook cheese, and kick off our shoes in the Cannon Beach sand. (Not to mention the late-night eats at Kushi Bar in Belltown. OM NOM NOM.)

It was probably the best weekend of my summer.

Here’s the aforementioned photograph, and the shot I believe I was lining up at the time. Consider it a teaser of sorts. Much, much more good stuff is soon to follow.

I’m so excited. You have no idea. πŸ˜€

Kat Speyer, a Seattle wedding, boudoir, and portrait photographer, takes a picture of Allison and Ryan at their Oregon Coast wedding

Allison and Ryan on their wedding day take a moment to pose for a portrait before the ceremony

Melissa + AJ | Summer Wedding in Tacoma

On a sweltering day toward the end of another phenomenal Seattle summer, Melissa and AJ were wed in Tacoma. These two had a lovely, leisurely wedding morning, filled with photos around town. I was second-shooting for my friend, ex-Seattlite Kate McElwee, and we both really enjoyed having the extra time to take first-look pictures at the pier, group photos at the Museum of Glass, and other fun shots as we made our way back to the church for the mid-afternoon ceremony. Melissa was giddy, AJ was excited, and their joy and love for each other shone through it all. We all had a blast!

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning.

First things first: Melissa and the girls got ready in a beautiful room at the church, filled with warm light from leaded and stained glass windows.


I was pleasantly surprised how well-equipped the church was for bridal preparations. They’d set out a garment rack and a few beautiful antique mirrors that were enough to make anyone feel like a princess.


As Melissa was changing, the girls’ flowers were delivered to the bridal suite. Melissa’s bouquet of red (of course!) roses and stephanotis looked absolutely awesome with her wedding dress.


While Melissa finished her transformation into a bride, the boys had another agenda. Just one floor up, they were already ready to go, and spent their free time playing air hockey. Oh, to be a guy!


AJ and Melissa shared their first look on a Tacoma pier reminisce of the one where AJ popped the question. AJ looked out at the Sound while Melissa crept up behind him. They shared a quiet, emotional moment, alone except for their personal paparrazzi and a few curious fishermen.



The peace didn’t last long– the couple was quickly pounced upon by their exuberant wedding party, who had co-opted some of Tacoma’s finest into letting us use their squad car (and handcuffs) for a hilarious photo op. Melissa looks thrilled to be in handcuffs, doesn’t she? And I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see more burly police officers holding bouquets.


After Melissa and AJ were released, we made our way to the Tacoma Museum of Glass, stopping along the train tracks for a few portraits. We DID get chased off by a freight train, but not for long.

I love the rapt attention these two gave each other. It was so sweet!


The Museum of Glass has a billion great backdrops for portraits, including this nearby fire escape, which I’m pretty sure was meant to be off-limits.


The wedding party had their photos taken in the shade of the giant glass cone at the MOG, which I had never seen before. I was really impressed…both with the cone and by the gorgeous bridesmaids and smokin’ groomsmen. Red is a daring color, and they all managed to pull it off so well.



I love capturing photos of the moments in-between group poses. The little looks that happen when people relax, like the one below, are often some of the most wonderful shots of the day.


After portraits, we met the families in the park across the street from the church to start prepping for the ceremony. The boys got their bouts, and the flower girl and ring bearer were instructed one more time on how to walk down the aisle. I absolutely cannot believe how heart-breakingly cute this flower girl is, and I’m so happy that she became my friend as the night went on. I love kids of this age. πŸ™‚


After the sermon, an emotional exchange of vows and tear-jerking rendition of Bless the Broken Road sung by family, AJ and Melissa were finally pronounced husband and wife… Hurray!!


The red-rose themed reception was held at Pioneer Park Pavilion in Puyallup (say that five times fast). Melissa told me that they were operating on a pretty strict budget, but put so much effort into the little details that the venue looked like a million bucks. With a big space like the Pavilion, that can be hard to do, so she gets my kudos!



Did I mention I love kids? This reception was filled with them. More than I’ve ever seen at a wedding, and some of the cutest, too!


Melissa and AJ made sure everyone, even the littlest, were having a good time. When they had their first dance, they were joined on the floor by my friend, the flower girl, and the dapper little ring bearer. No one minded one bit.

Don’t they look like a mini bride and groom?


The evening wouldn’t be complete without the bouquet and garter toss, both of which went off without a hitch save for one potentially embarrassing picture of the bouquet winner in mid-lunge. It was a great group of good-humored people, all smiles all around.


After that, there was nothing left to do but dance the night away. So we did… and the party didn’t quit until the day was long over.


Thank you, Melissa and AJ, for sharing your wedding with me. It’s the exuberance I feel around people like you that makes me love my job. And thanks, Kate, for letting me photograph alongside you. You rock my socks off!

A Grey & Yellow Wedding Reception at Lake Union Cafe | Catherine + Micah

You may remember Catherine and Micah from the photos of their beautiful rehearsal dinner on the shore of Lake Washington. Or, perhaps you’ve seen Catherine’s recaps on Wedding Bee (I waited to post these so I didn’t scoop her). This summer, these two sweethearts were married at Eastside Catholic Chapel in Bellevue.Β  I wasn’t able to witness their nuptials, but they asked me to capture some of the lovely details of their grey & yellow-themed reception at Seattle’s Lake Union Cafe and the after party at Rendezvous in Belltown. Check it out!

This awesome “concert poster” was their wedding invitation. Can you believe it?Β  They had this one mounted at their ceremony for guests to sign in lieu of a guest book.


All of their grey & yellow details, down to the table runners, were completely handmade. Catherine even painted the vases in the perfect shade of gold!


Before Catherine and Micah joined the party for their first dance, their friends and family mingled and enjoyed hand-carried appetizers. We thought it was amusing that the staff kept trying to feed Justin and I as we were photographing. That is great service. πŸ˜€


The Lake Union Cafe isΒ  full of lovely features… great high ceilings and detailed chandeliers above the dance floor, an open kitchen and bar, and amazing views of the lake and shipyards.


There were lots of young kids at the reception… more, in fact, than I’ve ever seen. It didn’t seem like anyone got into too much mischief, though it was hard to keep the little ones off the floor while Catherine and Micah had their first dance.


Not only were the kids well-behaved, they were also super cute. Here’s a handsome young fellow:


This little guy has some amazing almond eyes…


To keep the kids happy, Catherine and Micah set out crayons and a sweet picture to color that was designed by Wedding Bee’s Mrs. Gummi Bear. It’s pretty obvious from the photo, but C&M spent their honeymoon in Australia. Their whole decor was really whimsical… I love the Billy Buttons. This is one flower I’m really glad to see gaining popularity in weddings.


Catherine and Micah put so much thought and effort into making their party exceptional for their guests. A friend’s band provided live music on stage, and wherever we looked, people were having a great time. Especially this guy…


The room was filled with talking and laughing while everyone waited for Catherine and Micah to make their grand entrance…


Then, the band called us all to attention and started the first few bars of their special song.


The happy couple entered the floor, and though all eyes were on them, they barely noticed anyone but each other. I love these shots… Catherine and Micah are so sweet.


Part of Catherine’s inspiration for their grey and yellow theme (also reflected in Micah’s tie) was these fabulous yellow shoes. I’m a huge fan of brides with colored shoes, because they add an awesome pop of color to photos. These were a great pairing with Catherine’s off-white, handmade, knee-length dress from Etsy.


Catherine’s sister was her Maid of Honor. Here she is watching Catherine share her first dance with Micah. I think she looks so proud.


The reception ended in the early afternoon, so Lake Union Cafe could prepare for their second wedding of the day. For Catherine and Micah, this meant time for R&R before meeting their close friends at Rendezvous in Belltown for the after party. They’d reserved the Red Velvet VIP room upstairs, where we all crowded together to share cold drinks and toast the newlyweds.


Catherine changed out of her wedding dress, took down her hair, and kicked off her heels– and still looked gorgeous and radiant. Despite her exhaustion, she (and everyone else) was all smiles.


We all celebrated with the same sentiment– a hearty congratulations to Catherine and Micah, raising our glasses to their long and happy future together.


Thank you both for sharing your wedding day. We loved being a part of your celebration and wish you all the best!

Weddings, Weddings, and More Weddings!

I shot five weddings this summer, which I think is great for a first-year wedding photographer. Two were in Washington, one in Oregon, one in Virginia, and one in New York City. Before the year ends, I might have the chance to photograph another wedding in Virginia, and a few more Washington nuptials.

Despite my full photo calendar, I haven’t posted many of the details on my blog. I’ve been so busy with administrative business tasks that I’ve let my photographic recaps slide. That’s bad, and I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?

To make it up to you, I put together a slide show of some of my favorite images from this summer. This little mash-up spans the country from coast-to-coast, and features photos from all five of the weddings I mentioned above.

Check out these lovely brides and their unique wedding details. I get teary just remembering!

Can you figure out which images are from which weddings?

From now on, I’ll be making a slide show for all of my brides, featuring their wedding highlights. They’re super easy to share with friends and family, and I love creating them!

K + J
R e v i e w s
F o l l o w   U s
S u b s c r i b e