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On Time & Travel (Not Time Travel)

Today I got back into shooting after a few weeks off, and I’m glad to be reminded how much I love it (in spite of cold, unwelcome rain). Just three more weeks and we’ll be in Hawaii, celebrating my transition from wage slave to full time photographer. Then, it’s off to Vegas with me for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers’ International conference and a Wedding Bee blogger meet-up.

Did I mention I love traveling? Between 2009 and 2010 I visited more than 10 states, and I’m adding a good three into the mix in early 2010. We rang in the New Year in snowy solitude in Glacier National Park, and I just got back from a week in Boston.

I love to meet new people while on the road– so if you want to get together, either for a shoot or just to say hi– while I’m in Maui or Vegas, just drop me a line.

Travel may be one of my favorite things, but it does take away from the time I should spend blogging, posting lovely photos from December’s family, maternity, and boudoir sessions. I have a backlog of absolutely fabulous photos to share, and I’ll be digging into those during the coming week. For now, enjoy this cute candid teaser from a family photo session on one of this winter’s coldest days…

Photograph from family portrait session with Darcy, Lee, and Anton in Seattle

Travelogue | Cows!

The weather last Friday was uncharacteristically sunny and gorgeous, not Black at all. We’d just finished cleaning up from Thanksgiving, hosted at Justin’s mom’s house, and we had the place– and her convertible— to ourselves.

We could have gone shopping, but getting jostled and trampled didn’t seem like a good time. So what do you think we did? We took that sucka out for a drive… Top down, speedometer up, scarves flying, and sunglasses on, we flew out I-90 and took the back way into Snoqualmie, through the countryside, over some fine winding roads, and back to civilization.

You never know what you’ll see out there in the sticks.What kind of cow is extra-fuzzy and has a white cummerbund? We did a Uey when we saw these weird beasties hanging out, chewing their cud like they weren’t some sort of Tuxedo Beef.

Even the brown Bessie had a white midsection, and one of the cows had perfectly round spots in her belly band. Weiiiirrrd. [FACTOID: The Internet says these are probably called “Belted Galloway” cows, aka “Oreo Cows.” It’s not the only cow breed to have some unusual markings. Did you know there is a miniature panda cow? No joke!]

Seattle cow photographer takes a photo of cows in an idyllic field. Yup.

And yes, that is a donkey. The theory goes that should a predator accost the cows, which are too stupid to protect themselves, the donkey’s short temper will save their hides. (Because “save their asses” would have been a really wretched pun.)

Well, there ya have it… By the time we were done, we’d lost most of the daylight and were all feeling seriously chilled. But we were in one piece, the car was in one piece, the house was in one piece, and it was the perfect way to spend Black Friday far, far away from the crazy consumer crowds. As hectic as life has been lately, I might need to ask to borrow that car again, real soon.

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