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Senior Portrait Teaser at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens | Aris @ Sunset

What? Yes! Another teaser! This one from a senior portrait session on Monday at the botanical gardens in Bellevue, Washington. Isn’t Aris pretty? She’s graduating from my high school alma mater… 11 years after I did. (Oh my God, has it been that long??)

Bellevue Botanical Gardens high school senior portrait photography of a Newport High School senior at sunset

We’re headed to Glacier National Park tomorrow morning for our annual trip. This year there’s two big differences from the normal GNP vacation: 1) We’re shooting a wedding! and 2) We’re celebrating our two-year wedding anniversary in Polebridge, where we were married! We’ll be out tomorrow through Labor Day, but as someone saw fit to install satellite internet at our cabin (sacrilege!), it won’t be a complete dry spell here. Ciao!

Senior Photos for Seattle 2010 Grads!

I have so many photos to share, and so many things on my plate. It’s frustrating, but a good kind of frustration… most of my (positive) energy is going into growing my business. I was made for this!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing three weddings, some boudoir, a portrait shoot, and some other photo miscellaney. It’s been a busy fall, and things are just getting started at chez Persimmon. For a peek at what’s to come, here’s an ad I just submitted to a Bellevue Catholic school newspaper…

An ad for Seattle senior portrait photography by Persimmon Images

Seattle and Bellevue Washington 2010 Senior Portrait Photography

(Oh, sweet irony… the lovely, fresh-faced model in the photograph– fellow Seattle photographer Heather Pearce— is actually older than I, and most certainly not a HS senior. But this photo was so perfect I couldn’t NOT use it!)

Mel’s Empire Beach Photographs | Michigan Senior Portraits

I did a bit of traveling in the Midwest last month… to Virginia for a wedding, to Michigan to visit family, and to Chicago for a conference. One stop was in Traverse City, at Michigan’s northeast tip, where my mother’s family has roots. While I was there, Steve & Kathi asked me to take senior portraits of their 17-year-old daughter, Melissa. As you know from my previous post, what started as a portrait session for Mel turned into a dual photo shoot on Empire beach. You’ve already seen Steve and Kathi’s anniversary photos, now here are the lovely Mel’s senior portraits!


Mel spent most of her childhood in lower Michigan, about an hour from where I grew up. Both of our famillies decided to relocate when we were Sophomores in high school. In my case, this was 1998, in Mel’s, 2008. For both of us, the move was to a better environment— but we still lost touch with our longtime friends.  That’s a very difficult change, but Mel has stayed positive, which makes her shine from the inside out.


The last time I saw Mel, she was probably nine or ten years old. Since then, she’s grown into a beautiful lady, with style and sensibility. It’s funny how as time passes, the distance between years seems smaller— I couldn’t believe that Mel is still ten years my junior.


Here’s a few more of my favorite shots of Mel, basking on the beach. Be sure to check out the rest in the gallery below!



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Lewis & Clark Senior Portraits | Liz, Class of 2009

I’m the oldest of four girls – three of us separated by two years, and the youngest born when I was thirteen. For the thirteen years before Ellie joined us, Liz was the “original” youngest child.  She didn’t take that responsibility lightly! Nope, she kicked, clawed, and bit her way through the abuse of us older kids and, accordingly, grew up to be a fine young woman.

Just recently, Liz graduated with a BA in Social Anthropology from the prestigious Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR. They had a nice outdoor ceremony that allowed me to test my 70-200 f2.8L lens under less-than-ideal lighting conditions (ugh, hot noon sun). With limited range of motion in the bleachers, I still managed to get a few decent shots. It’s so much nicer to be able to move around!

At the reception, Liz was happy to model for some commemorative graduation portraits while I played with my (then-new) 50mm 1.4. Her graduation was quite literally the first chance I’d had to use the lens… I’d just purchased it the night before. So, while I broke in my gear, Liz broke in her new status as a post-college professional.

We’re all so proud of you, Liz! I would even have a tear in my eye if I hadn’t already established myself as the “mean” older sister. 😉 But as fair warning to the world… if you’re mean to Liz, she may just put tacks in your bed to get back at you. (True story.)

Look out, here she comes!



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