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Rain | Seattle Pooch Portraits

Hello again! I thought I’d share with you a few portraits of Rain, the Samoyed who is a member of Rowan’s family. What’s not to love about a big, cuddly, fluffy, white doggy? I’m hard-pressed to think of something… except perhaps keeping said doggy clean.

Rain is a sweet-tempered pup who’s all smiles and, I guess, older than she looks. For those of you who haven’t seen a Samoyed before, they make great pillows. 😀

Pet portrait sessions are a great way to honor the furry members of your family and keep detailed memories of fuzzy ears, floppy tongues, and wet noses. Plus, they’re great fun for everyone involved!

Samoyed Portrait by Seattle Pet Photographer Kat Speyer of Persimmon Images

Rain the sweet Samoyed dog poses for pet portrait photography in her back yard

Rain the Samoyed captured by Persimmon Images, Seattle Pet Photographer

You may have noticed I added a colorful little bar with pop-up tabs to the bottom of my posts. That’s so if you see something you like, you can save it easily to a number of sites for future reference!

Wallingford Family Portraits | Rowan

Rowan is the two-year-old daughter of a surgeon my husband works with. She’s a darling! I love kids, and when I first met Rowan, I was disappointed that she didn’t seem to want anything to do with me. Really, she just takes a while to warm up. Now, whenever she sees me, she’s just her crazy, energetic self. She recently started calling me “auntie” (completely without my prompting) and it’s incredibly endearing.

I took some portraits of her while over at her momma’s house. It was a while back, on a warm Seattle summer evening. You can tell by some of the photos that Rowan is still a bit unsure of me… it was only the second time we’d met, but by the end of the shoot, we were having a blast.



This wasn’t an official shoot (in that we hadn’t planned it) but it merits some observation nonetheless– No matter how lovely the evening light, it’s usually best to take portraits of children in the morning. They’re so much more energetic after waking up then they are when dinner is over! But Rowan being sleepily contemplative also made for some nice photographs.

After a sleepy moment, she’d wake right back up again and run squealing through the sprinkler to collect water to dump on my shoes. The family dog, Rain, thought this bucket was for drinking from, but Rowan wasn’t fazed. You’ll see in the gallery below!



Before we went home, Rowan insisted I color with her. I was happy to join, even though whatever color I was holding was the one she wanted. We made some lovely scribbles, which I think were supposed to be the sun, and a house, and a doggie.


Justin and I were actually visiting Rowan’s house to meet her brand new baby sister, Nuwa. But Nuwa was also exhausted from a big day as a little baby and slept the entire time. We’ve scheduled a portrait session later this fall for both sisters and their mom. I’m almost certain it’ll be the cutest thing ever.


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Anna + Lilly, Part II | Lilly’s Pup Portraits

On my trip to the park to take photos of eight-year-old Anna, we brought along her Corgi, Lilly. Lilly is just shy of one year and while I’m not sure that she’s technically a puppy any more, she retains much of her puppy charm and energy. Corgis are one of my favorite small dogs. They’re smart and tenacious, and who doesn’t love that leg-to-body ratio?

Being a pup, Lilly had a short attention span, but was easy to bribe with treats. She was completely charming as a model, and definitely an ideal playmate for Anna. Isn’t she cute?


She has one ear cocked! Arrrrrgh, I love it! Here’s her “sophisticated” and “goofy” trademark looks.


Did I mention this is a family of soccer players? Lilly’s also a star athlete, but her sport is “nomming.”


Really, she won’t cause you any trouble! She promises. Just don’t leave, and please, please, give her a treat!


Oh Lilly, I would cuddle you all day if I could. See below for a few more photos from our trip to the park…

[nggallery id=8]

Anna + Lilly, Part I | Anna’s Portraits

Little Miss Anna is quite a firecracker. She’s eight, so I guess that makes perfect sense, but it’s still quite surprising when I consider how shy she was when I first met her a few years ago. Now, even though we’ve only seen each other a few times, I hear she considers me one of her best friends! Isn’t it cute how little girls look up to big girls?

Anna told me she likes hip hop and dancing, which I do too… and I think if she were a few years older, we could totally hang out. Her dad, on the other hand, wants her to get into soccer like him. I bet she’ll be great, someday!

Anna and I spent a few hours playing in the park near her house one evening to capture some pictures for her parents. We also brought along her one-year-old Corgi puppy, Lilly, who was also unbearably cute. I’ll share Lilly’s photos with you in the next.

I let Anna take a few pictures of Lilly with my camera, and she was a natural. Anna was a great subject, too; just at the age where she’s starting to be self-conscious (and developing a ‘photo smile’) but not so much that it wasn’t easy to tease a bunch of silly and smiley photos from her. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the lightbox slideshow below… But I will warn you that I don’t know exactly what prompted the face in the last photo except that little corgis can weigh more than an eight-year-old expects. 🙂






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