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Katie & Dave | Portland Maternity Photos

Katie and I go way back. (At least, as far as I’m concerned! My family moved to Washington in 1998 and I’ve since lost touch with most of my childhood friends.) We met, at least circumstantially, in our Freshman Grammar for Journalists class at the University of Oregon. We were both students at the Robert D. Clark Honors college and enrolled in the J-School, so as time passed, we saw more and more and more of each other. There were study sessions and crazy parties and then, at the peak of class’s social nexus, which was most everyone’s senior year, I left for Japan. While I was away, Katie announced her engagement to Dave, and I staged my homecoming so that not a week after, Justin and I attended their wedding in Eugene.

That was a time of change for everyone. I was in Eugene for another year, Justin was in Seattle, and many of my graduated friends were leaving town or at least the jobs we shared at the University. Katie and Dave headed off to Cornell to pursue masters degrees, and I worried that would be the last we’d hear of them.

Thanks to Facebook, it wasn’t all static as the years passed… and suddenly, they announced their move home to Portland. Not only that, they were expecting! Before we knew it, they were moved in, months had flown by, and Katie was less than two weeks from her due date… and we still hadn’t visited!

Of course, we had to do something about that. So, last November, just before Thanksgiving, we all got together for an extended maternity & belly photo shoot around their quirky Portland neighborhood and in their beautiful home. I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. It feels so good to be re-acquainted with our friends!

A lone bicycle with child seat rests on the street in the Portland rain during our maternity session

Katie and Dave are both avid cyclists. In fact, they don’t even own a car (Dave uses public transport and a car-share to get to work) and mod their own bikes for baby and grocery carrying. Portland is a very bike-friendly city… there’s a bike shop not three blocks from where these two live, and we took a few photos there later in the morning.

Photographed on the steps of the neighborhood church, Katie and Dave hold hands in front of the door

The expectant couple holding hands on the porch of the neighborhood church. Dave has been super supportive of Katie throughout her pregnancy. Can you imagine moving clear across the country from New York to Portland while expecting?

Katie poses for a maternity photograph on her front porch, looking up at the photographer and smilingDave embraces Katie

Katie’s happy that she had a relatively easy pregnancy. She confided in me that it wasn’t until her last few weeks that she considered she might want some photographs of her pregnant body to remember her pregnancy by… she was all to eager for her baby to finally be born so her body could start getting back to normal!

The steps of their Portland home are strung with Tibetan prayer flags. Here, Katie places a hand on her pregnant belly and wishes baby Jasper a safe journey.

Katie wanted to document her pregnancy in their Portland neighborhood, so we took some belly photographs at the park down the street. A typical Portland November day, it had started to rain and gave the whole park a lush, green feeling.

Katie leans against a light post in a Portland Park for her belly photographs

The couple places their hands on KatieKatie glances shyly at the photographer taking her maternity portraits in front of a lush Portland park

I love the fullness of Katie’s belly. She was extremely close to her due date and all of us could feel (and even see) Jasper squirming around ready to join us on the outside.

In this maternity photograph, Katie stands quietly in contemplation against a contrasting brick wall, holding her hands beneath her belly

It was a moody sort of day, chill and a bit dusky out even though it was only mid-morning. We took a few contemplative photos to capture the feeling of the day. I’m fond of this portrait of Katie leaning against a brick wall.

Seattle & Portland maternity photographer Kat Speyer captures Katie and Dave in a family portrait embracing their unborn son, JasperKatie and Dave lean their foreheads together against the Portland rain

These two are such a tremendously cute couple. They just love each other so much. Baby Jasper is very lucky to have them as his mom and dad!

After the rain started to fall more heavily, we finished at the park and headed home so Katie could rest and we could capture some more traditional, artistic maternity photographs. We cranked the heat up and Katie laid on their fainting couch next to the window, where gauzy curtains filtered gorgeous diffuse light over her. She looks like a Grecian goddess!

Katie reclines on the couch showing off for her pregnancy pictures, looking for all the world like a grecian goddess

In a classic black and white maternity photograph, Katie lies on the couch with only her shirt covering her breasts and clasps her hands under her pregnant bellyIn a classic black and white maternity photograph, Katie lies on the couch with only her shirt covering her breasts and clasps her hands under her pregnant belly

Then, we moved into Jasper’s nursery for a few cutesy pictures. Did anyone else have these wooden blocks as a kid? I swear they’re the exact same as the ones I used to play with!

Katie rests on the couch for maternity photographs showing her belly at 38 weeksKatie poses with wooden blocks spelling out BABY on her belly

Katie holds her pregnant belly in front of the nursery window of their Portland home. She is photographed all in white, in front of classic wooden blocks on the sill

Katie looks out the window as if she is waiting for baby JasperOne of baby Jasper

Our final set of photos was Justin’s concept… a bubble bath. These were taken in their awesome vintage-crazy bathroom: sea-green walls, a red and white claw-foot tub, rainbow opalescent flooring and an orange rug. Whoo! Katie was such a good sport, trying not to laugh as I stood on the toilet and attempted not to fall in, then crouched on the floor like a creepy stalker. How she managed to look so relaxed, I’ll never know. She must have really needed that bath after several hours of shooting!

Katie poses for maternity photos in their classic claw-foot tub. She rests her head on the edge of the tub while reclining in a bubble bath.

In this black and white portrait, Katie reclines in the tub taking a bubble baath. Bubbles cover Katie while her belly pokes out of the waterIn a photograph that looks like it might come out of the 1950s, Katie reclines in a claw foot tub in their sea-green-walled bathroom with rainbow tile and an orange rug

It was a really great shoot, and the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. We spent as much time catching up as we did setting up shots. Afterward, we ordered in and ate pizza until the sun went down and Justin and I had to start the long(ish) drive back to Seattle. Thanks for being willing “victims” for my first maternity shoot, guys! I’m looking forward to coming down and taking more photos of baby Jasper.

In  fact, here’s a peek at what he looks like at three months old. Justin captured him and his dad asleep on the couch early in the morning  before we caught our flight to Maui out of Portland. SO. CUTE.  And such a resemblance! D’aww. :3


Darcy, Lee, and Anton | Seattle Family Photography

I met Darcy and Lee and their two-year-old son, Anton, in Volunteer Park with for a family photo session during Seattle’s December cold snap. It was, literally, a frosty cold morning, but quite sunny and really altogether beautiful. The morning light had that diffuse, ethereal wintry feeling to it that we so rarely get here in Seattle. Justin and I had a great time wandering the park with these three. The photos from this session are some of my all-time favorites!

Darcy, who was pregnant with her second son, Logan, (see a few maternity photographs here!) was so full of energy for being near-term. I hope I feel that good when I’m pregnant someday! Little Anton was so sweet with both his parents, very quiet, contemplative, and playful. He was super sad when we had to leave.

I’m looking forward to seeing the whole family again when I visit them for photos of new baby Logan. I can’t wait!

Two-year-old Anton gets ready for photosAnton looks dapper in plaid

Isn’t Anton SO cute in his plaid? I love the old-timey feeling of those photos above…

Lee and Anton - PhotographDarcy and Anton - photograph

Photograph of Baby Anton climbing on a fountain

Lee and Anton at the Volunteer Park "Donut" StatueDarcy and Anton look at daddy through the donut statue

He loves being held by his mom and dad, but was just as eager to run across the lawn all on his own…Check out the frost on the grass. It was almost noon when we took these pictures. To have frost that late in the day is really rare for Seattle winters. It was C-O-L-D. But we all stayed warm running here and there, and Anton didn’t seem to be bothered by the 20-degree weather at all!

A portrait of baby Anton as he sits in the frosty grass. December in Seattle.Baby anton walks in front of his parents at Volunteer Park in Seattle

Portrait of baby Anton

Oh my! Those eyes… There’s another one in this set that just blows me away. Two of my favorite child portraits from one session. Lucky day!

Darcy and Lee Colleton kiss baby anton on the cheek in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer ParkDarcy is photographed stooping to give Anton a kiss on the cheek. Both wear winter hats to keep out the cold.

Everyone is bundled up to keep out the chill of the unseasonable cold seattle weather. They all stand and smile in front of a green magnolia bush.Baby Anton is caught mid-laugh as we goof off for his amusement

Father and son stand framed by a huge evergreen tree in Volunteer Park, SeattlePortrait of father and son looking up into the branches of a huge evergreen tree

Darcy and Lee hold Anton

Baby Anton has had enough of posing for photographs and makes known his intentions to go elsewhere

I luuuuv those two pictures. Anton wanted his mom & dad to swing him by his arms, and they wanted him to hold their hands for a photograph. When he realized he wasn’t getting swung, he just let go of his dad’s hand and pouted. So cute.

Anton would much rather be at the Volunteer Park playground. He doesnBaby Anton

There are those eyes again. That last shot is my favorite. Anton extremely photogenic. Especially when he’s at the playground. He just loves to play on the slide… his whole face lights up.

The Colleton family takes a go at sliding together down the big, wide slide at SeattleLaughing from their trip down the slide together, the Colletons pose for a photograph at the bottom

Anton knows it

Dad smiles and Anton sticks out his tongue in this black and white portrait

Anton wasn’t happy that his slide time was over. He did his best to stick his bottom lip out in a mini-pout whenever he remembered. Mom had to cajole and distract him until he forgot he wasn’t at the playground any more.

Anton is fascinated by bright red berries on a tree, surrounded by fallen leavesAnton reaches for red winter berries on a tree in Volunteer Park

Red berries dry in the unseasonable Seattle cold at Volunteer Park

The Colleton family walks home after their portrait session The Colleton family, finished with portraits in Volunteer Park, heads home

To see more photos from this shoot, visit their proofing gallery. I was so worried about the cold, but I adore how this session turned out. Which pic is your favorite?

Darcy’s Mini Session | Seattle Maternity Photography

I met Darcy and Lee for a family shoot with their two-year-old son, Anton, on a wonderful, cold, and sunny December morning. Their second-born son was due in only a few weeks, so Darcy wanted to take some time at the end of their shoot for a few private maternity photos.

We shot these photos just outside their apartment in the stairwell. I couldn’t believe the gorgeous light bouncing around, and Darcy was absolutely glowing…

Darcy holds her pregnant belly during her maternity photo shootDarcy feels her belly to soothe her baby during her Seattle maternity photos

Looking down on Darcy

Darcy is photographed as she contemplates her new baby boy, who is almost ready to be bornA contemporary portrait of Darcy taken near her Seattle apartment

Darcy leans against the wall for maternity photographsDarcy rests her hands on her pregnant belly

Doesn’t she look so happy and pretty? More photos from their family session soon…

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