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Springtime Golden Gardens Engagement Photographs | Andrea + Eli

When we first met, Andrea and Eli told us that they found our business card on a bulletin board at my gym, which is also where they go to work out. So we knew immediately that they were in our neighborhood, but what we didn’t expect is that we’re practically next-door neighbors. They live not two blocks away from us and have the same love of Wallingford that we do. Andrea is also an avid runner (way more skilled than we ever were!) and together with Eli she’s founded her own charity to raise funds to increase scholarship opportunities for children with Down syndrome: Team William.

On sunny days, Andrea and Eli love to grab a cuban sandwich at Paseo and head to Golden Gardens beach park just outside Ballard, so that’s just what we did for their engagement session. It was probably THE nicest day this year we’d had so far, and the beach was packed, but we did our best to carve out a quiet spot for these two to share some time together. There was one truly amazing sunset over the Puget Sound that evening, shrouding the Olympic mountains and the beach in golden light. I hope it’s a peek of the summer to come!

We’re so excited to have met Andrea and Eli… it’s wonderful to know another young couple in the ‘hood with an active interest in our community. I’m really looking forward to their wedding this summer at the Seattle Tennis Club! Enjoy the photos, and if you want to see more, check out their engagement slideshow, too!

Golden Gardens engagement photographer captures young couple on the rocks by the pier at sunset

Engagement photography at Seattle

Modern engagement photograph of young couple nose to nose at Seattle

Golden Gardens engagement photograph of young couple sitting under a tree in the shade

Engagement photograph detail shot of engagement ring and daisy. Young engaged couple at Golden Gardens beach park in Seattle.

Engagement photography from in a tree and on the ground. Creative and modern potraiture by Seattle wedding photographers Persimmon Images.

Fine art engagement photography by Seattle wedding photographer Kat Speyer at Persimmon Images. Black and white Golden Gardens portrait in stand of trees.

Young couple laughing in a stand of trees while being photographed during their engagement at Golden Gardens park in Seattle

Creative, modern engagement photograph of couple embracing on Golden Gardens Beach

Creative, artistic Seattle engagement photography on Golden Gardens beach at sunset. Young couple walks toward the water silhouetted by the setting sun.

Black and white engagement photography in the Pacific Northwest on Golden Gardens beach in Ballard. Young couple silhouetted by the sun.

Ballard engagement photography in Seattle washington of couple reclining on Golden Gardens beach

Engagement photography of people in love reclining on the beach in Ballard at Golden Gardens outside Seattle, Washington

Fine art portraiture and modern, creative engagement photograph of young couple framed by beach grass outside Ballard in Seattle

Sailboat on the puget sound at sunset off Golden Gardens beach. Framed by the Olympic mountains.

Artistic beloved photography session in Ballard at Golden Gardens beach. Young couple silhouetted by golden sunset.

Seattle engagement portraiture near Ballard of stylish young couple on the beach

Wedding and engagement photographer Kat Speyer captures a young couple on the beach at twilight

Sailboat leaving Ballard by way of Golden Gardens park at sunset

Sunset beach engagement photograph of couple kissing at Golden Gardens silhouetted against the sky

Engagement photography walking on the beach at Golden Gardens in Ballard

Sunset colors in the sky over the olympic mountains during an engagement photography session on Golden Gardens

Engagement photography at Ray

Coffee, Ice Cream, and Baileys | Kadie + Doug (and Bailey!)

Kadie and Doug met on a blind date set up by a friend at a local coffee shop in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, which made it the perfect place to start our photo-date together. They brought along their sweet Boston terrier, Bailey, who tried his best to look stoic in the March temperatures whilst they shared lattes and a laugh. It was another one of those spring days where most of the afternoon was rain, but then the sun creeps out. Our shoot started right on that cusp, and when we moved to Molly Moon’s for some OMG-delicious ice cream (I’ve been digging on their vanilla-ice-cream-with-chocolate-syrup-malts lately) the sun came out in earnest. So pretty!

Yes, that is ice cream Doug has smooshed onto Kadie’s nose, right from the cone. These two shared a taste for sweets and sweetness alike… they were so beautiful to watch together, and I felt like their engagement session was a real celebration of their love! Kadie and Dough are getting married later this summer in an intimate ceremony, and we can’t wait to be there. In the meantime, Kadie has to endure just a little more Seattle solitude as Doug finishes his degree down south in LA. This shoot was on their last day together of his most recent trip to the city.

We caught the last of the sun on our way down to Gas Works park during a quick stop near a rustic brick wall on Wallingford Ave. Then it was sunshowers, and finally straight-up rainshowers as we made our way down to the park to check out the city skyline. We sat in the car waiting for the rain to let up, but figured that we’d best catch the last of the light after all, and the result was just beautiful. Despite being shiveringly cold, Kadie managed to show Doug just how much she’d miss him for the next few months.

We’ve been photographing a lot with a more “experiential” style lately, which means that rather than focusing on scenic locations and on posing, we try to encourage natural interactions in meaningful places to show off the real love and emotion present in the of the people from whom we’re drawing our inspiration. This shoot and the one before it were our first real forays into using this technique, and I think they show a remarkable spark of something special. We’ll be building on this type of photography as part of the main service we offer, and more news will be soon to come!

Seattle pet photographer captures boston terrier at Cafe Vida in Fremont. Black and white photographs by Persimmon Images.

Engagement photography at Cafe Vida in Fremont. Contemporary documentary photojournalism engagement photography by Persimmon Images.

Wedding ring in the rain wedding photography detail photograph in Seattle, WA

Fremont coffee shop first date engagement photography at Cafe Vida in Seattle, Washington

Cafe Vida photography in Fremont image of logo and mug

Natural candid engagement photography at Cafe Vida in Fremont. Couple looking through window with bicycle reflection photographed by Seattle Wedding Photographers Persimmon Images.

Engagement photography at Molly Moons ice cream parlor in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, WA

Candid fine art engagement photograph of couple embracing in joy outside Molly Moons ice cream

Candid fine art engagement photography with a modern twist in Seattle

Molly Moon

Molly Moon

Cute engagement photograph at Molly Moon

Colorful lifestyle couples portrait photography at Seattle Molly Moon

Seattle dog photography by Persimmon Images sleeping Boston terrier in car

Creative, colorful, Seattle engagement photography in Wallingford. Contemporary portrait of young couple looking at the photographer.

Emotional beloved engagement photograph of fine art embrace in black and white.

Artistic engagement silhouette against setting sun and brick wall in Wallingford, Seattle

Engagement photograph of tight embrace. Fine art image in black and white shot near Gas Works Park in Seattle

Fun, energetic engagement portrait of couple jumping on green Gas Works kite hill silhouetted against a blue sky

Gas Works candid engagement pictures in the rain on top of kite hill with Seattle skyline featured in background

Documentary engagement photography in the style of Beloved in Seattle

Love at the Seattle Center | Karen + Chris

Wow, I’ve really been dragging my feet on posting our two latest engagement sessions! The problem is, I can’t decide which images I want to post, and I’m having a hard time even editing them down to a reasonable quantity of photographs. Oh well, more to love!

These photographs are from last month, one rainy weekend where somehow both Saturday and Sunday evening were briefly ever-so-gorgeous. Karen and Chris are Microsofties and gamer-geeks like us (woo!) with a love for Seattle’s culture and character. We all wandered around the Seattle Center together to capture a taste of what makes our city so iconic.

Karen and Chris were particularly playful with each other, so we had fun messing with all the colorful backdrops… especially the EMP/Sci-Fi museum and the surrounding wacky buildings. And then, we were blessed with the most epic sunset. Really, wow… no words.

We’re really looking forward to photographing their wedding this fall– if their engagement session is any indication, we know it’ll be a great time. Thanks for going adventuring with us, guys! (And even doing a “facedown” for me!) You rock!

Seattle engagement photography at the Seattle Center FountainEMP and Science Fiction Museum engagement photography with couple in front of purple wallContemporary, colorful engagement photographs at the Seattle Center by Seattle engagement photographers Persimmon ImagesCandid engagement photography by modern wedding photographers Persimmon Images at the Seattle Center EMPBlack and white engagement photography modern fine art portrait of couple embracing at Seattle CenterFine art engagement photography at the Seattle Center, young couple reflected in riveted surface of the EMP buildingFun, candid, engagement portraits of couple making faces at each other at the Seattle CenterSeattle Center engagement photographers Persimmon Images capture photojournalistic images of couple sharing cotton candyEmotional engagement portrait at the Seattle Center by wedding photographers Persimmon ImagesArtistic engagement photography in Seattle Washington outside the experience music projectEngagement ring and embrace at the Seattle CenterFun couples portraits in Seattle at the EMP during an engagement photography sessionEngagement photography with a big hug outside the EMP at the Seattle CenterCouple playing hide and seek in downtown Seattle outside the Sci Fi MuseumQuiet, serene moments during sunset engagement photographs at the Seattle CenterRomantic fine art engagement photography by Seattle wedding photographers Persimmon ImagesSeattle sunset engagement pictures of couple embracing in front of the Saturday skySeattle wedding and engagement photographers Persimmon Images image of couple at the Seattle center during sunsetSunset silhouettes engagement fine art print at the Seattle CenterSpace Needle Seattle fun engagement photography in black and whiteSpace needle engagement photographs of fun candid moments and facedown at the Seattle CenterFilm noir engagement fine art images by Seattle Wedding Photographers Persimmon ImagesBlack and white silhouetted profiles of young couple nearing a kiss. After dark photography at the Seattle Center.

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