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Seattle Boudoir Photography | Miss R’s NSFW Sexy Shoot

Each year, I photograph no more than a handful of boudoir sessions. Of those, most women are reluctant to share with the public, which I totally understand. On the other hand, I’m especially grateful for those who let me show off their amazing images! Cue Miss R, who is the exception to the rule and also exceptional in that she’s not one of my “usual” clients looking for bridal boudoir as a gift for their hubby-to-be.  Miss R was a “just because,” boudoir session: A gift to her long-time hubby and to herself, to celebrate looking and feeling good.

And, damn did she ever look good! This session is one of my absolute favorites, for the style, personality, and confidence just radiating from the beautiful Miss R. She really brought it to the boudoir. It was also one of the last boudoir photography shoots taken in my home studio, which gives me a little nostalgic twinge. The red/pink room has now been converted into our master bedroom and the blue room into baby’s nursery, but I’ll always remember when they served this glamorous purpose! For the time being, I am booking boudoir sessions at local boutique hotels or clients’ homes only, but there may come a day when I take sessions at home again. Interested in some boudoir photography of your own? Drop me a line!

To see the rest of Miss R’s photos, click through after the cut. Just remember, these are definitely Not Safe For Work!!

Seattle Boudoir Photography with Persimmon Images


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Seattle Boudoir Photographer | The Fit + Sexy Miss B

I’m excited to post these anonymous boudoir photos from my latest session with Miss B. I have a few more to show you from our brand new home studio (in the house we bought last summer), but these seemed like a great place to start. We painted a few walls bright colors (red + purple!) and left the others a nice pale pinky-white for some classic high-key glamour shots.

The big difference here is that I feel I can photograph our boudoir clients in the whole house! We have floor-to-ceiling windows with gauzy curtains in many downstairs rooms, great textured walls in the living room (where those chair shots are taken), and a badass clawfoot tub in the bathroom. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We still have the same awesome brass bed in our studio, along with some fun props, screens, and backgrounds.

Want to book a boudoir session today? We’re offering $50 off to anyone who gives us permission to use their images in our portfolio to help attract more great boudoir clients! Remember, our boudoir sessions are made to be SUPER FUN, so you always feel your best… and the images we create are always retouched to your specifications, so you look your best.

Enjoy these pics. There’s more coming soon!

Seattle Boudoir Photography in studio by Persimmon Images. Sexy lingerie pinup poses.

Seattle boudoir photographers at Persimmon Images photograph bride in black lingerie, stockings, and garters in sexy glamour poses.Boudoir photography in Seattle, Washington Boudoir studio with sexy legs wearing black stockings and black patent heels

Boudoir photographers in Seattle photography artistic nude image of woman in front of window. Nude back and muscle tone.Seattle fitness and boudoir photograph studio. Sexy sportswear boudoir and glamour pose.

Strong athletic woman posing for boudoir and glamor photography in Seattle

Boudoir Photography with Miss Pretzel | Retro, Sultry, and Saucy

This summer, one of my fellow Seattle “Bees” contacted me to ask about doing a pre-wedding boudoir photography session as a gift for her hubby-to-be. I was totally psyched, having read about Mrs. Pretzel’s “Kodachrome” wedding preparation on Wedding Bee, when she told me she wanted to weave some retro glam into her boudoir photographs.

She came with a ton of sexy little outfits and great props– including some fab yellow shoes, an apron, and a videogame controller! Possibly my favorite personal touch was the little pink curl she had hiding in her hair. So cute!

Incidentally, Pretzel’s shoot was the last I photographed in our converted garage studio before we moved from our apartment into our new home. While I LOVED the “grit” of the cement walls, the whole space was 9′ by 18′ and had a lot to be desired as far as flexibility. Our new studio has lots of color (a red and purple accent wall!), plenty of natural light with gauzy curtains, the same smashing vintage brass bed, and lots of props and accessories. I’ll post some b-pics from the new space soon!

Enjoy Mrs. Pretzel’s sultry, saucy sass. She was quite the little starlet! You go girl. 🙂 Check out a few tamer pics below, and then click to see a few more!

Miss Pretzel Vintage Seattle boudoir shoot with game controls on bed

Seattle boudoir photography of Miss Pretzel from Wedding Bee reclining on a white bedBoudoir photography in Seattle of Miss Pretzel with a necktie over white men

Keep reading past the cut to see images from the rest of the shoot…

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