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Corwin the Corgi | Seattle Dog Photography

We have a furry new addition to our household! Meet Corwin, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, pictured here with two of my younger sisters…

Seattle pet photographer and family with corgi puppy at Alki beach

We adopted Corwin from Brookehaven Corgis, a respectable breeder on Whidbey Island, when he was 9 weeks old. He’s now four and a half months old, and we love him to pieces. He’s very smart and so eager to please, and quite food motivated, as is most of his breed. We’ve been spending a lot of time learning to care for him and training him to be a respectful boy. We’re done having to get up at 4am to let him out to potty, but I still feel like I’m spending most of my days looking after a two-year-old. He takes up a LOT of my time, and I’m woefully behind on some work-related projects. He’s terribly cute, though, so even when I’m stressed I just have to look at him to smile.

Here’s a look at eight weeks of baby corgi. How he’s grown since we got him!

Sleeping corgi puppy near fireplace

Crate training Seattle fluffy Welsh Pembroke Corgi puppy

Belly-up baby Welsh Pembroke Corgi in Seattle WA by Persimmon Images PhotographersCorgi puppy in the snow in Seattle

Welsh pembroke corgi puppy dog photography in Seattle Washington snow

Seattle dog photographer Kat Speyer captures a corgi puppy with snow on his nose

Corgi puppy and tabby cat friend by Seattle pet photographers

Welsh corgi puppy in Snow in Seattle

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy dog photography

Welsh Corgi puppy eating a lamb bone pet photography

Corgis meeting to play for the first time

Tabby cat sleeping in the bed that belongs to a corgi puppy

Windblown corgi puppy on Alki beach in Seattle by pet photographers at Persimmon Images

Dog photography of Corwin the corgi puppy in SeattleCorwin the corgi

Corwin the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in his room

A Savory Morsel

Get Hitched, Give Hope was a MASSIVE success! We completely annihilated our goal of raising $50,000 for the Making Memories Foundation. Instead, we raised SIXTY-FOUR-THOUSAND FREAKING DOLLARS! Woohoo! It was a beautiful, glamorous, fun-tastic evening at the Four Seasons Hotel. You can read about all the details and see wonderful photos on the Get Hitched, Give Hope blog recap!

Now that the event is over (until next year!) I’m working my way out from under a backlog of great weddings and photo sessions. There will be a LOT of good content coming to the blog very shortly. Until then, enjoy these summertime photos of our sweet boy, Prince Rupert. He’s about to give up his status as “only child” — we’re getting a corgi pup! — and I figure I ought to give him some due.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

I’m on the telly! | Brides Against Breast Cancer Gown Sale

Holy smokes, you guys! I was on TV twice yesterday within a 1-hour span on two different morning shows: Northwest Cable News Network and the King 5 New Day Northwest show. My friend Heather Pearce of Heather Pearce Photography and a few other volunteers joined me to model gowns for the Brides Against Breast Cancer gown sale, which is in Snohomish (just outside Seattle!) at Belle Chapel through this Sunday. The sale is coming to over 40 cities this year and this is only the FIRST ONE! Want to know when they’ll be near you? Check out the gown sale calendar.

For your entertainment, here are the two morning show clips of us preening for charity. I’m the short-haired tall girl, in case there was any doubt. Yes, I am aware I am stupidly fidgety.

I volunteered to assist at the Brides Against Breast Cancer gown sale today and just finished my shift. I spent the day helping brides with their dresses and giving out information about Get Hitched, Give Hope. GHGH is the local charity group that I work with which raises money for the Making Memories Foundation, the same organization for which BABC fundraises. Making Memories grants wishes for Stage IV metastatic breast-cancer patients for whom the cure won’t come soon enough. A REALLY good cause.

And speaking of which, I have LOTS more news about Get Hitched, Give Hope soon to come. Tickets go on sale on August 1 and I hope you’ll join us for a fabulous party and amazing wedding details. Hell, it’s fun even if you’re already married or even single… it’s at the frikkin Four Seasons and what better excuse for a posh party do you need!

All right, I’m out for now, off to second-shoot a wedding at a location with a significant in-joke that I can’t tell anyone. Then, tomorrow we’re heading up north to visit Evergreen Gardens in Fairmont, where one of my lovely August brides will be married… and take a nice long bike ride to train for the RSVP bike race (from Seattle to Vancouver BC, 204 miles). Peace!

Friday Finds | Old Desk With 1960s National Geographics

From a late summer walk through our neighborhood, in the same batch of images as the Jackson pics. We discovered an old, peeling, mottled desk sitting in some long grass in our neighborhood. On top, eight issues of National Geographic from the 1960s. Why? Curbside giveaway? Something else? We’ll never know, but I was intrigued…

Old desk with National Geographics

Old desk with National GeographicsOld desk with National Geographics

Old desk with National Geographics

Old desk with National Geographics

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