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A DIY, Fantasy and Renaissance Wedding | Leila + Kyle

When Kyle and Leila met, they were in costume, so it was only fitting that they wed in costume. On their wedding day at a private horse farm in Montesano, Washington, they were surrounded by their surrogate family, the Seattle Knights, members of the combat and reenactment troupe that has been their shared passion for the past ten years. Guest from far and wide dressed in costumes that ranged from medieval (knights, damsels, friars, gentlemen, and ladies) to magical (the green man, faeries, cat girls, and monsters).

Every detail of this wedding was a little different, and completely DIY. Starting with a morning spent getting ready that included full costume and makeup, but with a twist — elf ear prosthetics for her, chain mail for him, and weapons and armor for both! And before they could be fully wed, the bride was kidnapped by a cadre of renegade knights and her groom was forced to fight– with live steel– for her return! (Only, of course, to have her conquer him, laughingly, in her own battle in the end.) Their cake was a castle with a moat and they dined on spit-roast pig, haunch of venison, and the finest meads and ales. To end an epic celebration, they invited guests to change their costumes for a masqued ball at the end of the evening. Everyone danced late into the night under the open stars, surrounded by torchlight, while performers spun and swallowed fire.

Leila and Kyle, congratulations! We hope your first year of marriage has been a journey filled with love and laughter and many memorable performances. Hip hip, HUZZAH!

Offbeat, renaissance wedding in Montesano, Washington. Medieval wedding photography by Persimmon Images Seattle wedding photographersCustom emerald and saphire medieval wedding rings for a DIY renaissance weddingFairytale bride gets ready with plate armor and lace-up bodice in the bridal suite at this fantasy renaissance wedding in Washington. Medieval wedding photography by Persimmon ImagesBridesmaid lacing up plate armor wedding dress bodice on a fantasy medieval bride for her renaissance wedding in Montasano, WashingtonGroomsman laces up a leather gorget as a renaissance groom prepares for his medieval fantasy summer weddingGroomsmen assist groom into his chainmail shirt during a medieval knights weddingA blue-haired bride is costumed with prosthetic elf ears as part of her hair and makeup before the fantasy medieval wedding in Washington stateBlue-haired bride has her hair braided while during her fantasy renaissance wedding preparations. Seattle wedding photographers Persimmon ImagesRenaissance groom dressed in chainmail, plate armor, leather jerkin and gold crown waits for his fae bride during his Montesano, WA medieval costume weddingWarrior groom sports leather bracers, two swords, a dagger, and full armor for his renaissance reinactment and fantasy costume wedding. Photography by Persimmon ImagesFairy princess bride with blue hair, diadem tiara, plate armor, and white leather wedding jacket awaits her kingly groom with sword in hand. Fantasy renaissance wedding in Montasano, WA. Photography by Persimmon ImagesBride with white leather wedding dress carries a sword at her renaissance fantasy wedding.Knightly groom battles enemies to win the hand of his fae bride at a fantasy renaissance reinactment costumen weddingWarrior groom slays one enemy with his sword as another approaches so he can fight them for the hand of his faery princess bride. DIY, offbeat renaissance costume wedding photographed by Seattle wedding photographers Persimmon ImagesA kingly knighted groom, having bested his foes, awaits the hand of his fae bride at this fantasy reinactment medieval wedding in Montesano, Washington

DIY renaissance costume wedding with guests costumed as a knight in plate armor and as a green man forest spriteCostumed wedding guests in period attire at this medieval, fantasy, renaissance weddingRenaissance costume wedding bride and groom married under a bower of branches with fairy bridesmaids and knights groomsmenRenaissance wedding ceremony in Montesano, WA with guests in medieval and fantasy costumesRenaissance king and queen bride and groom pass under a sword arch as they are newly wedMedieval couple costumed after their renaissance wedding near Seattle, Wa. Bride in white leather wedding dress and plate armor and groom in leather jerkin and armorBride and groom pose as king and queen at their medieval fantasy wedding. Wedding photography by Persimmon ImagesFantasy costume wedding bride and groom embrace at sunset in Montesano, WA. Renaissance wedding details with custom wedding rings  and leather bracers on sword hiltMedieval masquerade bride and groom wearing costume masks before their fantasy wedding reception. Blue haired fae bride and knight groom Costumed renaissance masquerade wedding couple. Blue haired elfin bride and rugged knightly groom embrace before their medieval wedding receptionHorses out to pasture at a rural wedding in Montesano, WashingtonMedieval wedding reception by Seattle wedding photographer Persimmon ImagesCustom renaissance wedding detailsCostumed wedding guest drinking mead from a drinking horn at a fantasy renaissance weddingNobly dressed costumed renaissance wedding guests. Lady in jewels and black velvet and man in feathered cap with gold brocadeFantasy costume at renaissance wedding. Guest wears a mask for a masquerade ball for a medieval wedding near Seattle, WAGuests wearing fantasy wedding costumes at a renaissance costume wedding. Wedding portrait photography by Persimmon Images Seattle wedding photographyCustom costumes at a renaissance wedding in Montesano, Washington. Guests await the beginning of the masquerade ballPeacock feathered mask on a costumed wedding guest at a renaissance fantasy masquerade. Modern wedding portrait photography by Persimmon Images Seattle Wedding photographersModern wedding photography of masked ball wedding guests at a fantasy weddingWedding reception with whole roast pig at a renaissance wedding. Seattle food photographer Persimmon ImagesModern wedding photojournalism by Persimmon Images. Bride and groom laugh at costumed wedding receptionRenaissance wedding guest swallowing and breathing fire at a medieval costumed weddingFire performers at medieval renaissance wedding in Montesano, WA. Wedding photojournalism by Persimmon ImagesPerformer spinning fire at a medieval fantasy costumed weddingFire dancing black and white fine art photography by Persimmon ImagesMasked ball wedding reception dancing by torchlight at medieval costumed weddingFantasy costumed catgirl wedding guest Masked dancing at masked ball renaissance wedding. Modern wedding photojournalism by Seattle wedding photographer Persimmon ImagesRenaissance costumed bride and groom dancing with a jug full of ale at medieval fantasy wedding in Montesano, WA

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