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    Thank you for your years of business, support, laughter, and love!

    - Kat & Justin

A New Year

Des Moines Marina boardwalk on Puget Sound near Seattle, WA at twilight in the rain

(One frame from tomorrow’s engagement session post.)

Instead of striving to do more in the New Year, I’ve decided just to be … more. By allowing time for quiet, and self-reflection, I hope to grow more than if I just fill my days with more plans and meetings and goals and to-do lists. That’s not to say that my days won’t be filled with those things (it’s kind of a by-product of life) but even if they are, I hope remember to focus instead on the important of quietude and not get bogged down in the little details.

I have been quite ill the last two weeks, starting on Christmas Day. And while that’s been a disappointment, it’s also been a blessing, because it has forced me to take things slow. I often speed breakneck even into my procrastination, so really being slow is a welcome change. I don’t relish taking up what’s been put on the back burner, but with time, all things will come. My challenge is to give myself permission to fail just as I have given myself permission to succeed. And, of course, to meet each new obstacle with grace and serenity… with peace in my heart.

In 2012, I’d like to get to know myself better and, by proxy, for you to get to know me better, too. I want to meditate, do yoga, take a ton of photos for the joy of it, shoot film, go on dates, read books with my husband, and throw the ball for my dog while think about nothing but how happy he looks while he’s fetching it. I’d like to share some of journey here: to be more personal. But, you know, all these things are just little things I’d like to do and maybe I will only do some of them. Maybe I won’t do any of them. But I give myself permission not to. I give myself permission to just… exist. And that is peace and perfection.

Wishing a very peaceful New Year to you, too.

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