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  • The Persimmon Images studio is closed.

    As of December, 2015, we are no longer accepting new clients for weddings or portraits except on a limited by-referral basis or for repeat clients. If you are a current client and have any questions or requests for us, please email us at love [at] persimmonimages [dot] com or call/text Kat at 206.354.2212.

    Thank you for your years of business, support, laughter, and love!

    - Kat & Justin

The Finishing Touches | Packaging It All Up for Clients

I took a few quick snapshots when I packed up Eric and Logan’s wedding photographs to send to them in the mail. We sent them a DVD with a collection of all their images (each one edited) sized for print and Web, two special notes they’d written for each other on their wedding day, some prints, and a few surprise treats from us. I like the way it looks all put together! What do you think?

A package for a wedding photography client ready to go in the mail by Seattle wedding and engagement photographers at Persimmon Images

Packaging for wedding photography clients by Seattle wedding photographer Persimmon ImagesDetails of wedding photography packaging for Seattle couples

Gifts, CDs, Cards, and surprises included in wedding photography packaging by Seattle wedding photographer Persimmon Images

Believe it or not, the box and the packing material come from Office Max: Caremail Ecopacking and generic corrugated white shipping boxes. Our CD tins are from American Digital. The cards I designed myself using templates from our professional photo and press lab, ProDPI. My favorite wraphia and ribbon and the white envelope enclosure come from Paper Source, which is like crack to me. The chocolates and wrapping paper I picked up at a local stationery shop. There’s some variation in the packaging as far as what gifts we send (It’s a surprise! here it’s photo coasters from Crate and Barrel) and how they’re wrapped. I collect a lot of eclectic high-end papers that strike my fancy and use them when appropriate.

Want to see more custom photography client packaging? Click that there link!

I’d love to hear from you, too!! If you are (or were) a bride, what besides a disc of images would you like to receive from your wedding photographer with your wedding coverage? What would make it feel special for you when you opened the package after getting it in the mail?

Shelly Waldman - Kat,
Love the packaging. It’s an art unto itself. Love your personal touches.

Nicole Haley - I LOVE it! 😀

Katja - This looks so nice! I’m sure, they’ll love it!

Emma Ellis - I’m just starting a wedding photography business, and this is something I’m really struggling with so far! Trying to find some nice packaging to send the disc of photos to clients in. I really love the idea of including it in a box like you’ve done.

Leah - I LOOOOOVVVEEE it!! I think you’ve done a perfect job! WHERE did you find these items for packaging?? I have been looking for nice packaging everywhere and always come up empty. I would appreciate your help!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 email hidden; JavaScript is required

Kat - Hey Leah! Believe it or not, the box and the packing material came from Office Max. The CD tins are from American Digital ( The cards I designed myself using templates from ProDPI. The wraphia and ribbon and white envelope enclosure come from Paper Source. The chocolates are just something I picked up at a local shop. And the wrapping paper came from some random stationery store (like paper source). Hope that helps! If you have a Paper Zone, they’ll have similar boxes and may have the recycled packing material, too. 🙂

Laurie Bracewell - Hi Kat! Love your packaging! I was wondering what size box your mailer is. I’ve been looking for something not too tall and yours seems the perfect size. Thanks so much!

Kat - Hi Laurie! I have two sizes of mailers that I generally use: 11.5 x 8.75 x 2.12 and 9.5 x 6.5 x 3.25. They both work great for different purposes! They’re made by Duck. The one in the photo may have been a different brand mailer in a similar size that I purchased at Paper Zone. The Duck brand mailers can be purchased at Office Max and probably Amazon. 🙂

Laurie Bracewell - Kat you are awesome….THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

ellie - Hi Kat, Just wondering do you print your cd’s yourself? The bride and groom on the cd itself with the name of the bride and groom on it? If so what kind of printer do you have that does that? Thanks

Kat - Hi Ellie: The discs are made with a Lightscribe burner, which burns data on one side of special discs and an image on the other. You can get external drives, too!

ellie - thanks ill look into the external drives, i think they look so professional and much better than the labels. hopefully they will be compatible with macs 🙂 awesome job kat

Carla - Hey Kat!

Love love the packaging ideas! Do you have an external lightscribe burner? Are you using mac? If so, would you mind telling me the type of burner you have? I’m having a hard time finding one that has good reviews with mac! Also, I love your idea to include the letters the Bride and groom wrote each other on their wedding day! Did you ask them to write them and give them to you to use for the gift or did you just borrow the ones they wrote on their own? Thanks!

Kat - Hi Carla! I’m sorry for the slow reply (holidays!). My lighscribe burner is actually an internal burner inside an HP Blackbird, a PC we call “the Beast.” I actually HATE the Beast because it decides to freeze on me at critical moments CONSTANTLY. I do my editing and other work on my Mac Pro, and use the PC only for lighscribe and ProShow Gold slide shows. ProShow is a great program, too, but is frustratingly not cross-platform. I am going to have to get parallels running on my Mac Pro and an external lighscribe burner because I swear to God if the Beast crashes on me one more time, I am throwing its 80-pound, liquid-cooled ass right through my window.

Linda - This is gorgeous packaging. I am trying to figure out how to send my packages. Where do you get those nice cardboard boxes?

Candy Hoehn - This is beautiful! Thank you for the ideas!

Marindie - I love the idea!!! Where do you exactly buy the box? I’m looking for something like that. Thanks!!

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