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Mother-Daughter Portraits at Volunteer Park | Therese + Rose

Hey folks! Kat’s in LA for the week which means that I get to take over some of the writing duties here on Persimmon Images for a little while. While I’m running the ship I wanted to take the chance to visit with two amazing young ladies who we got to know a bit better through our Giving is Awesome contest in December. It’s therefore my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Therese and Rose, who are now some of our best friends.

Therese and Rose show off their matching grins in Overlook ParkRose gives Therese a big kiss

Therese is an absolutely amazing single mom who came to Seattle with her daughter all the way from Alaska so that Therese could go through school to become a nurse practitioner. The two of them worked so hard for the last three years to get Therese through school while still making sure that they never lost their special connection. As I’m sure any single parents out there reading this know, it’s not easy having to be a worker, a student, a mother or father, a best friend, and a role model all at once. But Therese packs all of those things into her 5′ 1″ firecracker self and manages to still smile at the end of every day. Since we met her we’ve watched her conquer fears, overcome obstacles, and always be a shining inspiration to her friends and her family.

Therese smiling at her daughter Rose during a family portrait session at Volunteer Park

Therese and Rose holding hands in Overlook Park in Seattle, Washington

Rose, just now SEVEN years old, has also been a serious trooper and has stuck by her mom for the last seven years no matter how tough things got. She’s been a source of joy and inspiration to Therese and even an occasional study partner. While some four and five-year olds were getting run-of-the-mill bedtime stories, Rose was happily listening to Therese read aloud from Pathophysiology or Advanced Pharmacology. I have no first hand proof, but I’m pretty sure she snuggled right up with her mom and loved every one of those minutes they were together. Now she’s a wonderful young lady in her own right. She’s brilliant, energetic, compassionate and the kind of girl that any two-parent family would be blessed to have in the house. That Therese has done this on her own is a testament to how hard they both work and how much they love each other (Not to diminish the contributions of all of their extended family who’s helped along the way!)

A portrait of little Rose smiling up at the camera in Volunteer Park, SeattleA portrait of little Rose smiling up at the camera in Volunteer Park, Seattle

Rose shows off her little girl smile for the photographer

Watching these two wander through Seattle’s Volunteer Park it was easy to forget they aren’t sisters. They’re that close. Kat and I had the privilege to bring cameras along for a quiet and chilly morning and watch them do their thing as mother and daughter. Throughout the whole shoot we felt absolutely blessed to be a part of their family and we can only hope that someday we have the relationship with our children that Therese and Rose have together.

Therese and Rose on a sculpture in Volunteer Park, SeattleRose smooches her mom in Volunteer Park

Rose sits atop a stone camel outside the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer ParkSilly faces for both Rose and Therese for Seattle portrait photographer Kat Speyer

Therese hugs her daughter Rose through the opening of the onyx

The two girls piled into the donut hole of the onyx donut sculpture in Volunteer Park

I hope these pics will always serve as a a reminder to the two of them that together and individually they are beautiful, inspirational, brave and an an amazing team. Here’s to you Therese and Rose! Thanks for letting us be a part of your little something special!

Heather Pearce - Very sweet! Like mother, like daughter! Well done.

Therese Horan - Justin and Kat- thank you very much. Rose and I had a phenomenal time during the photo shoot, and they turned out great! Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes, it is great to hear. We are delighted to have both of you in our lives.

Rachel - I love these! They remind me of me and my mom.

Millie - Kat, these are rockin! I especially love the framing and energy in the last image, and the side by side verticals of Therese and Rose.

MCH - WONDERFUL WONDERFUL photos! Love the series!

Jeff Aipperspach - Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! The photographer and the subjects.

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