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Found Item Friday | Noteboard Graffiti

Besides found objects, I love found art. Postcards, to-do lists, cast-off photographs… all the messages and images people leave behind accidentally or on purpose. There’s meaning there… sometimes nothing deep, and often hard to interpret, but always interesting.

These notes below were stuck in the noteboard at the back of a classroom on the fourth floor of the Seattle Center House. Justin and I were attending a few lighting workshops put on by Glazer’s Camera there earlier this month. I had just stepped back to take a photograph of the class when I noticed the wall full of absurd scribblings.

I have no idea what sort of classes take place in these rooms normally or what sort of people take them. I can only guess at whether these messages are tongue-in-cheek or deadpan. That’s why I love them.

Found art photography at Seattle

Found art photography at Seattle

Like this sort of stuff and want to see more of it? Check out Found Magazine or any number of other blogs dedicated to found objects like these.

Regina Lynn - Hehe, seriously makes you wonder what was going on in the author’s mind. Funny stuff.

Ravyn - Ooo … I love the link to Found Magazine 🙂 Another website I am going to spend WAY too much time on, but that’s alright, haha.

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