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    As of December, 2015, we are no longer accepting new clients for weddings or portraits except on a limited by-referral basis or for repeat clients. If you are a current client and have any questions or requests for us, please email us at love [at] persimmonimages [dot] com or call/text Kat at 206.354.2212.

    Thank you for your years of business, support, laughter, and love!

    - Kat & Justin

Black Lace & Pearls | A Boudoir Photo Teaser for Miss B

Miss B scheduled a last-minute Valentines Day boudoir session as a present for her boyfriend. We had a great time in the studio creating some images that show off how sultry she can be.

As a boudoir photographer, I love seeing clients who are initially nervous really come into their own during a photo shoot and start to let their personalities shine. Miss B was one who definitely went for it and tried some fun and challenging poses, with great results. My favorite part about boudoir sessions, though, is how gorgeous everyone looks in their photos… and especially hearing the ladies who insist they’re “not photogenic” (it’s a lie!) delight in their own real beauty. It feels good to give that gift!

A classic pinup boudoir photograph of the lovely Miss B wearing a long, wrap-around strand of pearls over black lace neglige, her curls cascading down from her shoulders.

Miss B, you’re a beauty. I hope your man enjoyed his Valentines Day surprise!

Regina Lynn - Stunning! When I lose my baby weight (Ha! Probably not happening before my next pregnancy. Or the one after that. Or after that.), maybe I’ll treat myself to something like this. My hubby would love it. And yes, I am one of those non-photogenic people. I would love to have you or a similarly talented photographer help me out with that problem.

Mary Lorraine - I’m thinking something along these lines befoooore I have baby weight, so I can remember my days of glory. Pretty sure I’ll be up visiting my sister sometime this year! 😀

Claire - stunning!

Natascha-Yaeko - Great sneak peek. Amazing. Keep up the good work.

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