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Darcy, Lee, and Anton | Seattle Family Photography

I met Darcy and Lee and their two-year-old son, Anton, in Volunteer Park with for a family photo session during Seattle’s December cold snap. It was, literally, a frosty cold morning, but quite sunny and really altogether beautiful. The morning light had that diffuse, ethereal wintry feeling to it that we so rarely get here in Seattle. Justin and I had a great time wandering the park with these three. The photos from this session are some of my all-time favorites!

Darcy, who was pregnant with her second son, Logan, (see a few maternity photographs here!) was so full of energy for being near-term. I hope I feel that good when I’m pregnant someday! Little Anton was so sweet with both his parents, very quiet, contemplative, and playful. He was super sad when we had to leave.

I’m looking forward to seeing the whole family again when I visit them for photos of new baby Logan. I can’t wait!

Two-year-old Anton gets ready for photosAnton looks dapper in plaid

Isn’t Anton SO cute in his plaid? I love the old-timey feeling of those photos above…

Lee and Anton - PhotographDarcy and Anton - photograph

Photograph of Baby Anton climbing on a fountain

Lee and Anton at the Volunteer Park "Donut" StatueDarcy and Anton look at daddy through the donut statue

He loves being held by his mom and dad, but was just as eager to run across the lawn all on his own…Check out the frost on the grass. It was almost noon when we took these pictures. To have frost that late in the day is really rare for Seattle winters. It was C-O-L-D. But we all stayed warm running here and there, and Anton didn’t seem to be bothered by the 20-degree weather at all!

A portrait of baby Anton as he sits in the frosty grass. December in Seattle.Baby anton walks in front of his parents at Volunteer Park in Seattle

Portrait of baby Anton

Oh my! Those eyes… There’s another one in this set that just blows me away. Two of my favorite child portraits from one session. Lucky day!

Darcy and Lee Colleton kiss baby anton on the cheek in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer ParkDarcy is photographed stooping to give Anton a kiss on the cheek. Both wear winter hats to keep out the cold.

Everyone is bundled up to keep out the chill of the unseasonable cold seattle weather. They all stand and smile in front of a green magnolia bush.Baby Anton is caught mid-laugh as we goof off for his amusement

Father and son stand framed by a huge evergreen tree in Volunteer Park, SeattlePortrait of father and son looking up into the branches of a huge evergreen tree

Darcy and Lee hold Anton

Baby Anton has had enough of posing for photographs and makes known his intentions to go elsewhere

I luuuuv those two pictures. Anton wanted his mom & dad to swing him by his arms, and they wanted him to hold their hands for a photograph. When he realized he wasn’t getting swung, he just let go of his dad’s hand and pouted. So cute.

Anton would much rather be at the Volunteer Park playground. He doesnBaby Anton

There are those eyes again. That last shot is my favorite. Anton extremely photogenic. Especially when he’s at the playground. He just loves to play on the slide… his whole face lights up.

The Colleton family takes a go at sliding together down the big, wide slide at SeattleLaughing from their trip down the slide together, the Colletons pose for a photograph at the bottom

Anton knows it

Dad smiles and Anton sticks out his tongue in this black and white portrait

Anton wasn’t happy that his slide time was over. He did his best to stick his bottom lip out in a mini-pout whenever he remembered. Mom had to cajole and distract him until he forgot he wasn’t at the playground any more.

Anton is fascinated by bright red berries on a tree, surrounded by fallen leavesAnton reaches for red winter berries on a tree in Volunteer Park

Red berries dry in the unseasonable Seattle cold at Volunteer Park

The Colleton family walks home after their portrait session The Colleton family, finished with portraits in Volunteer Park, heads home

To see more photos from this shoot, visit their proofing gallery. I was so worried about the cold, but I adore how this session turned out. Which pic is your favorite?

Regina Lynn - Such a beautiful family! LOVE the shot of his little boot- so cute!

Amanda - These are gorgeous, Kat!

Mary Lorraine - I’m basically in love with this shoot. It makes me very optimistic about my own likely foray into family photography.

MCH - I like your style and atmosphere in photos. That tree shot is fascinating.

Darcy Lee - I like the boot that was cool.

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