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The H Family | Seattle Family Portraits

I first took photos of this family last summer, when baby Nuwa was QUITE new (just a few weeks old!) and Rowan was rambunctiously playing in the sprinkler. When their mom called me to schedule a family portrait session for Christmas, I wasn’t surprised to see that Rowan was just as rowdy… but Nuwa, even though she’d grown so much was still quiet, contemplative, and serene. Two siblings can be so different!

A soggy day kept us from the park where I’d hoped to play with the girls (sensibly, so they wouldn’t take a mud bath) but they are such a gorgeous family and they have such a gorgeous house that I couldn’t have asked for better.

Meet the family:  Proud parents to two little girls…

The whole family stands for a family portrait photographed on their front porch in Seattle, Washington

Oldest daughter, Rowan, a vivacious and energetic, sometimes a troublemaker. Code name: “The Destroyer”…

Rowan is only a child, but she can look so devious! She smiles and looks at something out of the corner of her eye.Rowan looking smug about her portrait being taken

Rowan has a lollipop as a reward for her good behavior during the family photo session

Rowan reaches up toward the camera as if to touch itRowan shows child-like delight

Rowan doesnRowan lays her cheek on her hand as if she

Youngest daughter, Nuwa, master of stare-downs and a very “old soul.” Code name: “Pork Chop”…

Nuwa is held for a portrait by her dadBaby portrait of Nuwa in a red dress


Baby nuwa looks captivated by the mobile in her cribNuwa reaches for the mobile hanging in her crib, looking fascinated

Virany lifts Nuwa in the air and smiles at her as Nuwa looks at the photographerBaby Nuwa laughs out loud as VIrany is photographed holding her up in the air and laughing

They’re both sweetie pies and so much fun to play with and–

HEEEYYYYY… Did you forget about ME?

Rowan looks dubious of her portrait photographer and purses her lips with hands on hips

No, no, of course not, Rowan. It’s just that Nuwa was nomming something and drooling so cutely…

Close-up portrait of bright-eyed baby Nuwa blowing bubbles

HEY! I’m still over here!

Rowan being sassy to the camera during portraits

Of course you are! And you’re a very lucky girl. Your momma loves you both so very much!

Virany holds her daughter Nuwa next to her face and shows the resemblanceVirany is photographed holding Nuwa and smiling

Virany smiles brightly in this portrait with her daughter, RowanRowan kisses her mother in a touching black and white portrait

Kristin - Cute photos Kat! What cute kids!

Tenille - Woowww, that baby’s eyes are amazing. Great work. And the sassy attitude of the older girl is caught perfectly. Love.

Carly - Beautiful family! Your family portraits are so amazing. Lovely work.

Jenny GG - um, holy s. moly those are super cute kids!!! i really love how close you got in those cutie pie faces.

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