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Seneviratne Family | Portraits at the Olympic Sculpture Park

I first met the Seneviratnes while photographing their daughter Catherine’s rehearsal dinner. Catherine and I knew each other from Wedding Bee. We were both Seattle bloggers–she was Mrs. Joey and I was Mrs. Cherry Pie– but she was actually married in Seattle. I photographed her awesome wedding reception at the Lake Union Cafe while building my portfolio.

I thought that’d be the last I’d see of Catherine through my lens for a bit, but she contacted me shortly after her wedding to ask if I’d take some family portraits. Her family didn’t have the chance to pose for formals with her primary photographer at the wedding, but she told me that they enjoyed the candid portraits I’d taken so much that they wanted to have more. (Thanks, guys!!) Plus, the timing was perfect– Catherine’s sister and her husband were briefly visiting Seattle from Italy prior to his next military deployment. I’m so flattered that they took time out of their visit to have photos with the whole family together.

Everyone lines up for a family portrait under the pavillion overhang at the Seattle Sculpture Park

The Seneviratne family had their pictures taken at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park, which is one of the city’s most versatile location for portraits. I mean, there’s a grassy knoll, several beaches, a (seasonal) rose garden, a fountain, tons of abstract sculptures, railways and cityscapes all stretched through a lovely landscaped layout. What more can you ask for?

In our hour-long session we barely meandered through a quarter of the park and I still found new locations to photograph.

Here’s Catherine’s sister and her husband. He was a super stoic soldier, and a tough guy to get to crack a smile. That’s why I loved him!

A happy couple, except he doesn

Catherine and her sister were cute and affectionate with their mother, while the guys all posed like they were from GQ. Love. It.

The Seneviratne family men pose opposite the women at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

A picture of the whole family together, in black and white

We had a lot of fun using this sculpture, “Wake,” for different kinds of framing, posing, and backdrops.

The Seneviratne family poses in the center of a sculpture at the Olympic Sculpture Park

At the end of the day, though, I think this sculpture below (Untitled) was my favorite. It’s a cluster of seating elements that look normal but are really quite unique. The double concrete bench (described in the brochure as “awkward,” though I’m not sure why) sits next to a plastic lawn chair and cardboard bankers box… except that both are, in fact, cast in bronze. It makes for a really cool multi-level group shot.

Lots of places for a family to sit on this scupture at the Olympic Sculpture park in Seattle

Thanks for the great shoot, guys! I’m so happy you thought of me, and it was wonderful to see you again.

Michelle Simpson - Fascinating architecture! I love these!

Tamara - I LOVE that sculpture. I’m sure there are so many options for photos with that.

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