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Who Let the Dogs Out? | Seattle Dog Photography

I thought I’d share some photos from a fall session at the dog park. This was a tough one. Because I hadn’t scoped the site, I didn’t know it would be in deep shadow during the evening. It was dark, and those dogs move fast. Even enticing them with treats barely made it possible to get shots with the ISO cranked way up and the lens wide open.

The main subject of this shoot was Emma, the husky pup with a beautiful smile. I was only able to get photos of her after an hour at the dog park, when she finally wore out. But it was worth it, because it meant that her cute pink tongue was hanging out. GLEE!

A labradoodle chews on a stick at a Seattle Dog Park. Dogs aren

This fellow loved nomming some sticks. He was sweet and soft… I think he looks like a Labradoodle, but I’m not sure.

A portrait of Emma the husky contemplating the other side of the dog park fence

Little Miss Emma during a quiet moment, staring at one of her friends on the other side of the fence. She’s less than a year old and full of energy.

Emma the husky is a good dog and looks into the camera for her photograph


A Rhodesian ridgeback grins for the camera. Who knew dogs loved having their photographs taken too?

Oh, and hello to you, too! What do we have here? A lovely, smiling Rhodesian Ridgeback? Can you believe that Rhodies hunted lions in Africa?

Close up portrait of Rhodesian ridgeback dog with shining eyes

See the awesome ridge on his back? All the fur there feels like it’s on backwards, arranged into a little mohawk. And those cute folded ears!

Folded ears of a Rhodesian ridgeback dog

Someone tell me, is this another labradoodle? Because both this fellow and the pup in the first photo look like different kinds of that breed. He was especially soft and so anerable.

A labradoodle (labrador poodle) dog looks almost camouflaged with a background of wood chips

A beautiful labradoodle poses and preens for a treat at a Seattle dog park

Those eyes! They slay me!! Also, we gots some pink tongues all up in heahhhh!

Emma the husky

All tired out, Emma

Little Miss Emma wags goodbye. Next time I see her, she’ll be even more grown up, but probably just as cute. 🙂

Allison C. - I love your composition with the brown curly-haired dog! the blurred-out background almost looks like more curly brown hair 🙂

Claire - all of these are great! of course i especially love the Ridgie! 🙂

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