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Tails & Ties | Boudoir Photography with Miss A

Meet Miss A. She’s expecting her first baby (a girl!) and wanted some commemorative, sexy, hard-bodied photos before she started showing. Isn’t she stunning?

Showing a cute smile for a boudoir photo in jeans and a lace bra

Miss A was already expecting in these photos, so early that she’d only shared her pregnancy with her closest friends. She’s a teeny-tiny athletic girl, so I have no doubt she’ll get right back into shape after she delivers.

But I do hope to get Miss A back in my studio for some late-pregnancy photos in similar poses for a nice contrast between bellies.

SPosing against the wall in the boudoir studio wearing jeans and a bra, and topless covering chest with hands

Miss A had a very nice selection of lingerie, and an absolutely sultry look…

Her eyes twinkle as she lays on the boudoir bed with a black flower bra and a slight smile

Another sexy photo of Miss A that shows how, angled from above, boudoir photography is flattering to all bodies and shows off the eyes nicely

I think that a lot of boudoir photography, no matter the outfit, is about the eyes. (Like the photos above.) But I do also love pics that show the wonderful details of a woman’s body, and I think my clients (and their partners) do too!

A detail boudoir photo that shows off skull panties on nice buns

Miss A shows off her shoulder muscles in a sports bra, proving that boudoir photos aren

I also love it when girls bring men’s clothing to their shoots. Miss A used one of her husband’s ties for some awesome photos. A good prop can really make the shot.

Miss A shows off her husband

I always give my ladies a disc of their best 50 or so boudoir images in BOTH black and white and color. This is a special perk of boudoir sessions… for other photography, color choice is at my discretion (unless you have specific requests).

There’s some great aesthetic distinctions between color and B&W boudoir photos. You can see both versions of one of my favorite images from Miss A’s session below. It’s tough to say which I like better… her eyes just pop in the black and white image, and there is some lovely contrast between her form and the background, but her skin tone and the warm color in the second image gives a softer, more intimate feeling.

Are you a fan of B&W or color?

Miss A lounges on the bed in the Persimmon Images boudoir studio and shows off her svelte side profile and a white lace bra and panties

Miss A lounges on the bed in the Persimmon Images boudoir studio and shows off her svelte side profile and a white lace bra and panties

Thanks, Miss A, for a fabulous session! I hope you love your images, and I know that you’ll look just as beautiful in every part of your pregnancy.

Jenna Cole - I am SO impressed Kat, this studio setup you have is phenomenal and these do not look like the work of someone who just started out. Did you make the b&w action yourself? It’s the perfect choice for boudoir.

Kathryn Speyer - Hey Jenna! Thanks so much. 🙂 The B&W recipe is, I believe, a combo of the TRA samples. I’ll have to look on my processing machine to see, and I’ll let you know!

Allison C. - cute cute cute lingerie! Have you thought of doing belly-by-the-week shots for preggie ladies? I imagine hers would look stunning!

Amy McDougall Lakhani - Both are gorgeous, but I’m voting for the B&W shot. It could easily be a lingerie ad! Well done, Kat!

Claire - gorgeous shot! …i hope i look like that when i’m pregnant!

Tamara - Great job. These are awesome. I’m mostly a fan of color these days (but I used to be a total bw freak). I think the black and white is well suited for these though. It just depends on the available colors.

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