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The Rafaels | Family Portraits on Grandpa’s 60th

On a warm, bright September Sunday, the Rafaels gathered in their Ravenna backyard to celebrate the 60th birthday of their esteemed patriarch. Many friends and family came from across town–and across states–to share in the festivities. I was proud to photograph as they laughed, chatted, and feasted on delicious brunch and birthday cheesecake.

The Rafaels are proud grandparents of Caleb and Liam, two of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. Just look at little Liam… I want to put him in my pocket and take him home.

Baby Liam shows his wide eyes and beautiful smile in his portraits

And here’s Liam’s big brother, Caleb, helping granddad blow out the candles on his birthday cake. I haven’t seen Caleb since he was Liam’s age, and I cannot believe how much hair he has now!

Little Caleb helps his grandpa blow out his 60th birthday candles at the family get-together

Caleb and Liam’s mommy is a good friend (and college roommate) of my husband, Justin. I’ve known her since high school, and it’s wonderful to see her new family so happy and healthy. Her children are beautiful, and she’s all smiles.

Baby Liam stands on mom Maria

I know it’s hard work being a mom, but I do envy her. What’s more wonderful than little hands, little feet, and soft baby cheeks?

Maria holds Liam


Close-up photography of Liam

These two darlings were so well-behaved when we gathered them with the rest of the family for some group portraits in the shade of the backyard trellis.

Grandma and Grandpa hold their two grandchildren who are visiting Seattle for grandpa

OK, so they weren’t always perfect models… but the beauty of photography is that one perfect moment can last forever! (And we can just toss out the photos with unflattering faces or nose picking. 😉 )

Eventually Caleb wriggled away, and spent the afternoon having all sorts of adventures.

Jumping on the bed…

A portrait of Caleb grinning and jumping on his bed

Hammering on the coffee table…

A portrait of Caleb hammering on the coffee table with plastic parts from the game Don

Trying to steal my camera…

Caleb reaches out to grab the camera of his photographer and take a turn

Et cetera.

The closest Liam got to shenanigans was producing a healthy amount of drool, a little throw up, and a dirty diaper… but all that was easily remedied.

Two baby portraits of drooly Liam being held by his unseen mother.

Between the babes and the birthday, there was plenty of love to go around. No rush, no hurry, just an ideal Seattle September afternoon with lots of time to savor the moment.

Mr. and Mrs. Rafael embrace as they celebrate his 60th birthday at their home in Seattle

A big thank you to the Rafaels for letting me be a part of their family celebration. I hope every day is as filled with joy as the afternoon we spent together.

Tasha - I truly enjoyed the jumping on the bed shot. It captured his true joy and probably a full on belly laugh.

Kathryn Speyer - He was super happy that I was playing with him, and soooo cute. All things considered, for a 2-yr-old boy, he was super well behaved!

Claire - these are phenomal! love them all–especially that retro processing.

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