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Lazy Sunday | Boudoir Photographs with Miss “O”

Miss O

I spent a Sunday afternoon last month perfecting my studio lighting during a boudoir session with Miss “O.” We’ve known each other for a long time, so she was very patient with me while we figured out what angles andΒ  levels gave the best light in different studio settings. We took our time, listening to music and sipping drinks while she tried a bunch of poses. All in all, we had great results – Her images are gorgeous and my favorite yet!

I usually do a bit of light retouching on boudoir photographs, just because no one likes under-eye circles or blemishes to detract from their sexiness, but Miss O is so pretty I had to put in barely any work to make her look her best! (I’ll post some before and after images of this process sometime.)

Miss O is proof that boudoir photos don’t have do be done as a gift for a boyfriend or fiance. She isn’t engaged and, believe it or not, she’s single! She’s also quite cheeky, and I really enjoyed working with her to make these photographs that she’ll treasure. I’m working to lay them out into a beautiful flush mount album. Enjoy the rest of the pictures behind the cut, and please share your thoughts…

Miss O poses for her Seattle Boudoir Photographer

Her eyes shine bright during her sexy shoot with Persimmon Images Seattle Boudoir Photographer

Miss O stretches out, super-sultry, during her sexy, intimate boudoir session

Miss O lounges on the boudoir studio bed

Miss O Poses for her Seattle boudoir photographer with one hand removing her bra strap from her shoulder

Boudoir photography isn

Miss O knows boudoir is all about sugar and spice

Miss O gives the camera a coy look to save for her boy toy

Miss O gives a serious look to Seattle Boudoir Photographer Kat Speyer during her intimate photo session

Rachel - Very lovely! I’d hit it. ;D

Claire - you did a fabulous job! i love that she’s single and she just did this session for herself–go girl! it’s kind of like that session i did of my girlfriends recently… no need to have a man involved to do fab photo sessions ! πŸ™‚

Todd - I like your photos. What camera/lenses do you typically use?

Kathryn Speyer - Thanks Claire and Todd!

Todd, I use a Canon 5d MarkII with a 20D for backup, and my stock lenses are the 70-200mm 2.8L, 50mm 1.4, 24-70mm 2.8L, and 100mm 2.8 macro. All the boudoir shots were taken with the 50mm 1.4 lens. For $350, it’s a great buy. Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. πŸ™‚

Tamara Kenyon - These turned out great. I’m doing some in November so it was good to look at these.

Todd - Awesome, thanks for the specifics. I actually shoot on a 5d Mark II as well. Have you ever thought of also doing wedding videos for your clients? I see a lot of those on Vimeo and they look incredible, especially with a little bit of grading using Magic Bullet Looks. I use the 50mm 1.8 but have considered upgrading to the 1.4, but I heard after a year of use something on the 1.4 breaks, usually the autofocus. Wonder if you’ve had that issue too.

Kathryn Speyer - Hi again, Todd! I’m not planning to do videography, as I don’t have the video skills (equipment outside the 5d either) or confidence. I think branching out in that way without multiple employees would put a serious strain on my business. The 5d mkII does take some amazing video though!

Today I saw someone’s 50mm 1.4 fail due to autofocus problems. Mine has been fine so far (and one of my favorites!) but it’s only 6 months old, so we’ll see…

Todd - The great thing about the 5D Mk II is that it doesn’t take any additional equipment (and thus no additional employees) to light for video, it does exceptional work in low light situations — especially with lenses like the 50 1.4. It’s worth thinking about and practicing, if only because you’ve already got the video camera built into your Mk II. For a little more time with your clients you could make a lot more money, and judging from Vimeo and the advent of the DSLR that shoots video it’s going to become de rigeur for weddings. The new wedding album, if you will. It’s worth it to learn all aspects of your camera, if only to make more money.

Oh, and judging from your pic on this site, I’m assuming the model for these pics was your sis. Strong resemblance. Good luck with your biz!

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