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Isabella | Golden Retriever Pup Portraits

This is Isabella… Bella, for short. She’s still a wee pup, less than a year old and full of energy. The funny thing is, you’d think she was the chillest dog on the planet by these photos. We waited for her to cool down from a long day of spazzing about before taking her picture. Aside from a few rousing bouts of tug of war, she was cool as a cucumber. In fact, you’d think that no one was paying attention to her at all (quite to the contrary of reality) by how sad she made herself look in a few shots. I think Cute Overload calls those “Princess Di eyes.”

She has a sweet personality, like most Goldens. I think she’ll make a lovely companion for her family, who recently lost the Golden Retriever who had been with them for many years. Their house is still full of photos of him, and I can tell they will be very, very good to Bella. She’s a lucky girl!









Tamara - I love puppies! I have 2 golden retrievers and they’re so much fun to photograph.

Justin Speyer - I absolutely love the last image…it was really hard to get with a puppy that young (her inclination was to run forward and lick the lens while we were at eye level…)

Joey Nicole - These are adorable!! Goldens are especially friendly. I think everyone needs great photos like these of their dogs – nicely done 🙂

Tasha - I grew up raising Goldens and am so jealous. Since I moved away and got married, I’ve been begging for a puppy. My son is very good at looking Daddy and saying “Puppy?” and it’s adorable. Eventually that will wear him down.

I think these pictures are cute. I like the different angle of showing the puppy’s paw.

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