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Far Away, Little Rupert

After a 900-mile, 15-hour drive split over three days and four states, we finally arrived yesterday in Jackson, Wyoming. For our week’s vacation, we’re “holed up” in a house that has more bathrooms than our apartment has rooms. We’ve always been accompanied by several friends on our yearly trips to the mountains, so it’s lonely to be by ourselves, particularly in a house this big. This is also the first summer we haven’t spent our week off at the family cabin in Glacier National Park. Instead, we’re at a new vacation home in Jackson. It’s strange to look outside and see the Tetons instead of the Rockies.

I certainly can’t complain… this house is nicer than the few 5-star hotels I’ve stayed in, and last night I woke up to the sound of bull elk bugling from the back yard.

I’m also enjoying spending dedicated time with Justin. Between starting my business and working full time, we haven’t seen a lot of each other lately–even when we’re both at home. We’re coming up on our one-year wedding anniversary, and it’s nice to reconnect away from all the craziness in our lives.

Still, getting away means leaving someone important behind… the someone who keeps us company even when we’re stressed and frantic. Meet Rupert, our 9-year-old tabby cat:


I’ve had Rupert since 2001 and, with the exception of the 10 months I spent in Japan, he’s always been by my side. That’s almost as long as I’ve been with Justin – though Rupert and I were never limited to weekend visits.

It’s sad being without Rupert, even though I know he’d get lost and confused (and meow incessantly) in a house this size. He’s a bit co-dependent, our kitty, and he gets traumatized when we leave him. “Oh, right,” you might say, “He’s a CAT. You just think he cares that you leave.” Well, not this cat. He’s wired a bit weird. All he wants to do is spend time with us!


Rupert does well in the car, but not well enough that we’d consider taking him this distance. That is to say, he doesn’t throw up or freak out, but he does meow plaintively the entire car ride. And we’ve taken him on 5 hour trips before. Ugh.

Rupert’s favorite thing (next to us) is talking. He will talk the ears off a rock. Whenever we take him to a new place, he yowls about, calling for us room-to-room until we personally escort him on a tour. I can only imagine the grief he’d give us in this big house.

Right now Rupert is at kitty summer camp, staying the week with Justin’s mom. He’s been to their house several times in the last month, when we fled our sweltering apartment for the solace of their air-conditioning during the Seattle heat wave. All of these pictures were taken during one of those hot summer nights. I like to think he’s frolicking just as merrily right now, while we set off for some frolicking of our own in a mountain meadow.


Take care, little Rupert! We’ll be home soon.

Kate - Kat, these are gorgeous! I especially adore the very first image. What a beautiful kitty. 🙂

Rachel - Maaaaaow! Hearts to you little Ruuuuupert.

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