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Anna + Lilly, Part II | Lilly’s Pup Portraits

On my trip to the park to take photos of eight-year-old Anna, we brought along her Corgi, Lilly. Lilly is just shy of one year and while I’m not sure that she’s technically a puppy any more, she retains much of her puppy charm and energy. Corgis are one of my favorite small dogs. They’re smart and tenacious, and who doesn’t love that leg-to-body ratio?

Being a pup, Lilly had a short attention span, but was easy to bribe with treats. She was completely charming as a model, and definitely an ideal playmate for Anna. Isn’t she cute?


She has one ear cocked! Arrrrrgh, I love it! Here’s her “sophisticated” and “goofy” trademark looks.


Did I mention this is a family of soccer players? Lilly’s also a star athlete, but her sport is “nomming.”


Really, she won’t cause you any trouble! She promises. Just don’t leave, and please, please, give her a treat!


Oh Lilly, I would cuddle you all day if I could. See below for a few more photos from our trip to the park…

[nggallery id=8]

allie - I waaaants one!

Erin - Hi! Coming out of lurker status just to say OMG, how cute is that puppy!! I want one sooo bad! She is just adorable & great pics 🙂

allie - You should come do pics of Lilu

Kat - Good idea! Let’s do that sometime… in the park or somewhere else that’s fun.

Claire - SO cute! and i would definitely say a year is still a puppy…. i can say that with authority considering i’m currently living with a dog that’s 2 years old, one that’s a year old and one that’s 8 months old!

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